Friday, 22nd October 2021
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Jerry Rawlings

24 Jan
As Ghana prepares for the funeral of former president Jerry Rawlings, the two main political parties are squabbling over his legacy.
10 Dec 2020
Death has stalked the land, raiding villages and towns, and stumping cities to add to its already disturbing haul. We are befuddled and left aghast by the development.
4 Dec 2020
I think Africa has lost a man who is not afraid to speak his mind in defence of African values and dreams. JJ Rawlings was an activist pan-Africanist by character.
25 Nov 2020
This is a combined personal tribute to two personages: Flt-Lt Jerry Rawlings and Comrade Bassey Ekpo Bassey. I have isolated them from a longer list of personages that came to my mind to publicly remember – at this time.
19 Nov 2020
Professor Dayo Alao was a good man. He was a man of disarming simplicity and integrity who valued Christian ethics of love and charity. His presence commanded respect.
17 Nov 2020
Former Ghanaian president, Jerry John Rawlings, who died last Thursday in Accra at the age of 73, always seemed to be an indestructible symbol of male virility.
13 Nov 2020
Ghanaians and African leaders yesterday mourned and extolled the virtues of the former Ghanaian president, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, who died from suspected COVID-19 complications.
12 Nov 2020
Ghana's former president Jerry Rawlings, a member of the radical and charismatic generation of figures who emerged in West Africa in the 1980s, died on Thursday aged 73, the presidency said.
7 Jan 2020
However, from late 1950 up till 1970, the world cocoa price witnessed a continuous decline, falling by over 75% as of 1969. This engendered an increase in the cost of living and import shortages.
9 Jun 2017
I think that people have tended to see Africa from different perspectives to King Leopold Africa was a piece of cake to be cut up. To president Sarkozy, Africa had no history at all to speak of.
6 Dec 2016
Ghana will tomorrow go to the polls to elect another President and 275 Parliamentarians to administer the affairs of the country for the next four years.
25 Jul 2016
Hello and Happy Summer months to you all. I am very excited but maybe a little scared as well, not because I don’t like summer, but because of this - I am writing my very first editorial for any newspaper or magazine anywhere in the world.


6 mins ago
Streaming giant Netflix  has released the official trailer for the movie 'Red Notice' When Interpol issues Red Notice; the highest level warrant to hunt and capture the world's most wanted, the FBI's top profiler John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) is on the case. His global pursuit finds him smack dab in the middle of a daring…
3 hours ago
US actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun that killed a cinematographer and wounded the director on a film set in New Mexico, US law enforcement officers said Thursday. The incident happened on the set of "Rust" in the southwestern US state, where Baldwin is playing the lead in a 19th-century western. Halyna Hutchins and…
3 hours ago
Getting to work on time might not sound like a big deal but is a bigger one than you think it is. If you keep getting to work late then you might end up getting fired sooner than you thought and it is not a good idea. However, if you set a proper schedule and…
3 hours ago
After speculations about his health and whereabouts since his re-arrest in June, the detained leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, finally appeared in court...
3 hours ago
There is this negative image developed of socializing at work that when you mention socializing at work to someone then they think about the office gossip, slackers at the water cooler or the dirty politics that are going on in the office but that is not the case in today’s norm.  Nowadays, socializing in offices…