Sunday, 17th October 2021
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Jimanze Ego-Alowes

15 Jan
The last month of the last year that has just gone was a particularly stifling and monstrous year in the way and manner it mutilated our emotions and supposedly joyful joy.
9 Jan
And Jimanze Ego-Alowes died from liver cancer at 62 before we could hatch his next-level proposal. A prolific author, he described himself on his Twitter handle as a “journalist...
25 Sep 2019
Jimanze Ego-Alowes, one of Nigeria’s leading nonfiction authors and public intellectuals, will be hosting a book reading and discussion session.
3 Jul 2019
Even more than the Kashmir region in Indo-Pakistan, History remains a fiercely contested territory. Historical orthodoxies last only as they can be sustained.
15 May 2019
Is Nigeria a failure of leadership, corruption or scholarship? Is Nigeria becoming a failed state, because of all pervasive corruption and compromised leadership at all levels? To many Nigerians, the answer is yes, and is self-evident. And it might just be. But not till you have read The University-Media Complex: As Nigeria’s Foremost Amusement Centre…
26 Sep 2018
A new book, The University-Media Complex As Nigeria’s Foremost Amusement Chain (The Stone Press, Lagos; 2018), written by Dr. Jimanze Ego-Alowes, has punctured Prof. Chinua Achebe’s 37 years old thesis that lack of good leadership is essentially the cause of Nigeria’s under-development.
26 Oct 2016
The recent launch of Mr. Maxim Uzor Uzoatu’s two plays, Doctor of Football and A Play of Ghosts Lagos, provided a moment for the reappraisal of theatre practice in the country.
17 Oct 2016
A developmental economist and public intellectual, Dr. Jimanze Ego-Alowes, has faulted Gen. Yakubu Gowon’s Nigeria Prays pet project’s claim that prayer is what the country needs to get out of its political and economic wilderness.


2 hours ago
The Police Command in Kwara has rescued the kidnapped twin girls and three domestic staff of Oba Samuel Adelodun, the Owalobo of Obbo Ayegunle, in Ekiti Local Government area of the State.
3 hours ago
The quest of excellence has been the Rémy Martin trademark since 1724, a brand with the constant dedication of creating quality cognac. Since it’s global launch in October 2019 , #TEAMUPFOREXCELLENCE, the brand's new platform reflects Rémy Martin's values of authenticity, audacity and generosity. The campaign draws from these core values of the brand to…
3 hours ago
Newcastle's new dawn under the ownership of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund got off to a disappointing start as Tottenham silenced St James' Park with a 3-2 win on Sunday.
4 hours ago
The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has denied a news report circulating on some media platforms alleging that it paid N20 million to bandits who operate in Jibia Local Government Area of Katsina State in exchange for a captured anti-aircraft gun.
5 hours ago
The United States said Friday it has offered to pay unspecified compensation to relatives of 10 people in Afghanistan including seven children who were killed by mistake in a US drone strike as American forces were completing their withdrawal.