Thursday, 19th May 2022
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John Lennon

23 Nov 2020
An album signed by John Lennon hours before he was assassinated is expected to attract millions of dollars when put to auction. The Beatles star signed a copy of Double Fantasy for his own killer, Mark David Chapman, shortly before he was shot and killed at the age of 40 on December 8, 1980. On…
19 Oct 2016
Yoko Ono, whose last recorded song with John Lennon was inspired by Chicago, unveiled here Tuesday the final piece of her first permanent US art installation.


2 mins ago
Maybe you’ve heard people describe Bitcoin as a unique currency and wondered why. Here’s what makes Bitcoin special money.
8 mins ago
Have you ever asked yourself how Bitcoin gets its value? Like the fiat currencies currently in use, Bitcoin has a value resulting from the following.
14 mins ago
Health authorities in Canada's Quebec province are investigating more than a dozen suspected cases of monkeypox, a rare but potentially serious virus, public broadcaster CBC reported Wednesday.
16 mins ago
Fans of Johnny Depp have taken a special liking to his lawyer Camille Vasquez. Since the ongoing defamation trial, Vaquez’ tactical cross-examination has shed some light on the relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which led to the $100 million defamation trial. The likeness by fans has risen so much that many are pitching…
34 mins ago
If you've been reading extensively about Bitcoin cryptocurrency, you must have come across some of its advantages. Here's why the government can't seize it.