Monday, 25th October 2021
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John Okene

17 Oct
Two of Jesus’ disciples were sent into the village of Bethphage to untie a donkey at a T-Junction. Bible scholars say that the two donkeys were an ass and a colt, which symbolises a mother and her child tied down...
3 Oct
When a man is engaged in strange battles, sometimes he is unable to comprehend what is actually happening in his life, such as in the case of Moses in our scriptural text.
26 Sep
Satanic exchanges occur every day around us, with the increasing level of wickedness in the world. Such exchanges occur more often in the spirit realm, some of which are clearly observable, just like the story in our Bible passage....
12 Sep
Our Bible text gives us a clear picture of the mystery of satanic exchange. These two women were friends who lived together in the same house and were each delivered of a baby the same period.
29 Aug
One common indication that you will fight strange battles is when you are dealing with domestic witchcraft. In other words, the person attacking you is close to you.
22 Aug
You cannot witness a new dawn without engaging in strange battles. Jacob wrestled all night and got his victory. In our Bible text in 1 Cor. 15:32, Paul talked about wrestling with beast.
8 Aug
Today, many people are involved in one strange battle or another. Many have died in the course of the battles, while some are still scouting around for solution.
1 Aug
The word strange in this context refers to something odd, weird or queer. Strange battles mean battles that are unfamiliar, we are not used to them and don’t even understand them.
20 Jun
A Token is a sign while diviners are those that use divination or satanic means to look at the future of someone. There are different types of divinations.
13 Jun
Scripturally, there are three heavens that exist as we see in 2 Cor. 12:2. The first one is the “Atmosphere,” which is the layer we see above us.
30 May
Night here refers not to the time of day, but a period of spiritual or physical sleep. It is a time when a man is not conscious of his environment and the activities taking place.
23 May
One of the things that can cause shame is being in BONDAGE or CAPTIVITY. A lady who works as a nurse in Benin City, Edo State, heard me preach a related topic on Radio Nigeria.


8 mins ago
The United States government will on Wednesday begin an appeal to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to face trial for publishing military secrets, after a British judge blocked a request earlier this year.
15 mins ago
Pressure is growing on the European Central Bank to respond to rising inflation in the eurozone, as its counterparts in the United States and the United Kingdom signal willingness to take action.
21 mins ago
An FCT High Court sitting at Apo has discharged the former Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Dr Mounir Gwarzo, from the offence of conferring unfair and corrupt advantage on himself.
1 hour ago
The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has reported 165 new infections and 26 additional deaths from the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday.
1 hour ago
Colombia's government announced Sunday it is working towards extraditing the country's most-wanted drug trafficker "Otoniel" to the United States, a day after he was captured in a major operation in the jungle.