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Relatives of a suspected victim of COVID-19 mourn while cemetery workers bury the coffin in an area of the San Rafael municipal pantheon reserved for victims of the novel coronavirus, in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua State, Mexico, on May 21, 2020. (Photo by HERIKA MARTINEZ / AFP)

20 sports journalists killed by COVID-19, AIPS America mourns

AIPS America has been a victim of the Covid-19 pandemic, not only due to the economic downturn that has inflicted job losses but also in the most painful way
4 years ago
This picture taken with a self-timer on May 6, 2020 shows AFP journalists Haeril Halim (L), Adek Berry (C) and Bagus Saragih (R) posing in protective gear while reporting on a COVID-19 coronavirus story at Pondok Ranggon cemetery in Jakarta. (Photo by ADEK BERRY / AFP)

Survey indicates poor attention to journalists’ safety

Journalists covering the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria have voiced their frustrations on the lack of sufficient protection and adequate care.
4 years ago
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