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Jude Idada

3 Nov 2019
Idada has stage plays, collection of short stories and poetry to his credit. His stage plays include, Flood, Brixton Stories, Lost and Coma, 3some. He has also written and published a collection of short stories: A Box of Chocolates and Exotica Celestica.
13 Oct 2019
For Jude Idada, luck finally shone on him on Friday as he was named the 2019 winner of the Nigeria Prize for Literature, sponsored by Nigeria LNG Limited, for the cycle on Children’s Literature.
12 Oct 2019
Jude Idada’s ‘Boom Boom’ has won the Nigeria Prize for Literature, sponsored by Nigeria LNG Limited, for the 2019 cycle on Children’s Literature. The book edged out ‘Mysteries at Ebenezer’s Lodge’ by Dunni Olatunde and ‘The Great Walls of Benin’ by O.T. Begho entries in the Shortlist of Three, to clinch the prize. The book…
11 Oct 2019 The winner of the prestigious Nigeria Prize for Literature sponsored by NLNG for 2019 will be announced on October 11. The winner will emerge from three finalists, selected from an initial pool of 173 authors. Jude Idada’s Boom Boom, Dunni Olatunde’s Mystery at Ebenezer Lodge and O. T. Begho’s The Great Wall of Benin sailed…
5 Sep 2019
The advisory board has unveiled Jude Idada’s Boom Boom, Dunni Olatunde’s Mystery at Ebenezer Lodge and O.T. Begho’s The Great Walls of Benin as finalists for 2019 The Nigeria Prize for Literature, worth $100,000, and sponsored by the Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG).
30 Jun 2019
That cheating is bad can’t possibly be said enough. Flouting of marital vows that married men and women indulge in hit the pallete with pains. But what comes to your mind...
5 May 2019
At an early age, my father gave me a book called Kon-tiki Expedition by Thor Heyerdahl and after reading that book, I was so mesmerised...
18 Feb 2018
Jude Idada is a Canadian-Nigerian with great love for the arts. The University of Ibadan Theatre Arts graduate, who majored in film, also went to Raindance Film School in Toronto...


1 hour ago
The Defence Headquarters says the troops of Operation Whirl Stroke have arrested four kidnappers, neutralised three bandits and rescued a kidnapped victim in recent operations in parts of Benue.
1 hour ago
President Muhammadu Buhari, in the course of the week, visited Kigali, Rwanda, where he participated in the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, and also held bilateral talks with world leaders. The Nigerian leader, who returned to Abuja on Sunday, had while in Kigali, visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda where he made a…
1 hour ago
The Police Command in Delta has allegedly killed three suspected armed robbers and arrested one, in two separate robbery operations in the state.
4 hours ago
Gold-digging is a stereotyped worldview with a myopic insight. It's one that younger men dreaming of marriage express dissatisfaction over, as the victims of this belief system are ladies longing for a comfortable life after the knot is tied. We could be safer, at least, to reduce our statistics on men, because their rates of…
4 hours ago
Jewelries can be classified as personal ornaments such as necklaces, rings or bracelets that are typically made from or contain jewels and precious metal. Gold is the ultimate luxe material that people all over the world wear for many different reasons. It's the perfect accessory for any outfit, a way of showing off wealth or…