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June 12

15 Jul
Hijack 93: The Mad Men & The Aircraft is a Nigeria-United Kingdom co-production that tells the true-life story of the 1993 plane hijack. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this plane has been taken over by MAD Men; Movement for the Actualization of Democracy… MAD…. Remain calm, we will not harm you. You will be told where the…
30 Jun
The 1989 constitution however did not have such a component. In fact, I was connected with MKO’s effort to disqualify Kingibe on that ground. Kingibe was not Abiola’s choice.
28 Jun
In the face of section 10 of the Constitution, where do we garner the banal courage to propagate a Muslim-Muslim ticket in this fractured entity? The audacity of such barefaced heartlessness beats any imagination.
12 Jun
In spite of its significance as a strong national symbol telegraphing the triumph of democracy over military despotism and autocratic tendencies, June 12, as national Democracy Day has
12 Jun
As the 29th anniversary of June 12 is being commemorated today, the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has said that the spirit
12 Jun
As Nigerians mark the 2022 edition of Democracy Day, the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has said that the day represents a watershed in the country’s democracy
12 Jun
Today is the fourth anniversary of the change of our dear country’s Democracy Day from the irrelevant and unpopular date, May 29 to the more relevant and appropriate date of June 12.
12 Jun
Comrade Olufemi Ajadi has sent remarks about the celebration of Democracy Day to Nigerians, assuring them of a stable economy and security
6 Aug 2021
Former Nigeria military head of state Ibrahim Babangida said he annulled the June 12, 1993, presidential election to prevent a coup in the country. The June 12 1993 election is widely regarded as Nigeria's fairest election with Moshood Kashimawo Olalekan (MKO) Abiola in the lead to become president before it was annulled by Babangida. Decades…
12 Jul 2021
Though it was only its barking that was heard, as it actually could not bite, the 2021 edition of June 12 is the first time in recent time that what June 12 stands for in Nigeria cut its teeth.
21 Jun 2021
Amid protest and demand for good governance, equity and justice, Nigerians celebrated 22 years of democratic governance and first year anniversary of the recognition of June 12 as Democracy Day.
18 Jun 2021
Amid protest and demand for good governance, equity and justice, Nigerians celebrated 22 years of democratic governance and the first year anniversary of the recognition of June 12 as Democracy Day.


10 mins ago
The world search giant, Google is celebrating Nigeria’s annual Independence Day with a doodle on its page. The search engine giant, Google on Saturday, celebrated Nigeria’s 62nd independence day anniversary on its website with a special doodle depicting the national colours of Green and White Today’s annual independence day doodle features Nigeria’s flag waving against a…
46 mins ago
The World Bank has announced $530 million in supplemental funding for Ukraine to enable it to "meet urgent needs created by Russia's invasion."
53 mins ago
Ahead of the 2023 poll, the Acting Head of Mission and Country Representative, International Peace Commission of the United Nations, Amb. Hussaini H. Coomassie has rallied the teeming population of youths in the country to participate in the electioneering process.
59 mins ago
Before I founded Flutterwave I worked in different companies and countries, including in South Africa. During one of my stints, I came to learn of a few big South African companies that had expanded to Nigeria and other African countries, but couldn't figure out how to pay their staff easily. There was no product then to make cross-border payments this seamless for them and it so happened that this hampered their expansion and maybe even discouraged further recruitment in Nigeria at the time. 
1 hour ago
The African Union chief Moussa Faki Mahamat Saturday condemned the "unconstitutional change of government" in Burkina Faso after military officers ousted junta leader Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba.