Friday, 9th December 2022
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Justin Trudeau

4 Dec 2019
US President Donald Trump described Justin Trudeau as "two-faced" on Wednesday after the Canadian prime minister was caught on camera apparently mocking him.
4 Dec 2019
The leaders of Britain, Canada, France and the Netherlands have been caught on camera at a Buckingham Palace reception mocking US President Donald Trump's lengthy media appearances ahead of Wednesday's NATO summit.
24 Oct 2019
President Muhammadu Buhari has greeted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his re-election, eyeing stronger ties with the North American nation.
22 Oct 2019
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party held onto power in a nail-biter of a Canadian general election on Monday but as a weakened minority government.
21 Oct 2019
Canadians vote in a general election Monday with polling predicting a minority government as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party risks losing its majority or even being kicked out of office.
13 Oct 2019
Canadian leader Justin Trudeau wore a bulletproof vest and was surrounded by heavy security during an election campaign rally after receiving a security threat, sources told the national broadcaster.
11 Oct 2019
Justin Trudeau was labelled a "compulsive liar" by his main rival during the final leaders' debate before upcoming Canadian elections, in which the prime minister was forced to defend his environmental policies.
12 Aug 2019
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday urged China to be "very careful" in how it responds to pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and to heed their "legitimate" demands.
11 Jun 2019
Canada will ban single-use plastics from 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday, declaring it a "global challenge" to phase out the plastic bags, straws and cutlery clogging the world's oceans.
4 Feb 2019
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday pledged Can$53 million (US$40 million) in humanitarian aid for Venezuelans amid a deepening crisis.
14 Jan 2019
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau notched himself a political win ahead of Canadian legislative elections by granting asylum to the teenage Saudi girl fleeing her parents, experts here say.
17 Dec 2018
Canada is looking into ways to cancel a giant 2014 weapons deal with Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday, as criticism mounts over the kingdom's role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the Riyadh-led war in Yemen.


A private university based in the Federal Capital Territory, Philomath University, has named a road project within the university campus to immortalise the late mother of the FCT Minister of State, Hajiya Zainab Sidi Ali, for her contribution to the development of learning and humanity.
5 mins ago
Global economic leaders on Friday hailed China's move away from its hardline zero-Covid policy, with the IMF chief saying the "decisive actions" would help revive growth both in the country and globally.
8 mins ago
The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has extended the deadline for the registration of Digital Money Lenders (DMLs).
11 mins ago
South Africa on Friday said it would decriminalise sex work, hoping to tackle high levels of crime against women in a country with one of the world's highest HIV caseloads.
18 mins ago
As Nigeria marks the 2022 national blood donor day, a nonprofit organisation, Haima Health Initiative has doubted Nigeria's possibility of attaining Universal Health Coverage (UHC) without access to safe, quality blood and blood products supply across all states.