Thursday, 23rd March 2023
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Kole Omotoso

6 Jan 2019
The names of the contesting parties in the upcoming student elections at Roadside University come from the English saying that half of a dozen is the same thing as six.
16 Dec 2018
The world is at a point where something, one thing, happens driven by an idea. The Arab spring happens when a young man killed himself in protest against his unemployment.
14 Oct 2018
In 1790, the American diplomat and politician Gouverneur Morris compared the French and American Revolutions, saying that the French ‘have taken Genius...
23 Sep 2018
Nigeria is a poor country. It has been a poor country since independence. That is why a study of the party political manifestos and the speeches of military-enter-politics for the first time shows an abundance of promises.
16 Sep 2018
The modern road complained of loneliness. The Road is neither male nor female. The Road is both male and female. In its loneliness the Road sought Awo Ifa.
2 Sep 2018
Alaba here speaks of the culture of his town, Akure City, Capital of the Sunshine State of Ondo. Culture is our nature. Culture is loveable. It is also laughable especially to those who do not understand it and those who have lost it.
29 Jul 2018
Let us begin with the multiple worlds in which we live. We live in three worlds and these three worlds are not unrelated to the three worlds of the living, the dead and the unborn.
8 Jul 2018
This weekend marks 30 years of the launch of JUST BEFORE DAWN. The title is still the most optimistic aspect of the book. The darkest hours are just before dawn.
17 Jun 2018
What is the most scary thing you have ever read in a book? In the course of reading two books recently, I came across the most scary narrative that I have ever read. The two books are This Present...
29 Apr 2018
It is a pleasure always to listen to the solvers of National problems when they propose that all that needs to be done is just one thing. And all the problems of the country would be solved! A subtle reference to six blind men seeking to understand what an elephant looks like would not damp...
8 Apr 2018
Language as a determining factor in national development is still not understood by the planners, the executors and the politicians. It is the problem of English, of French and of Portuguese. To continue to think that the colonies of these languages ....
4 Mar 2018
When you speak a language, that’s fine. The language flows forth from you and you enjoy its glow. You recite all those funny verses you heard and laughed at.


9 mins ago
The Chartered Institute of Administration (CIA) has inducted the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Chrisland University, Prof. Babalola Peace, as a fellow of the institute.
11 mins ago
What comes next now that the much anticipated 2023 election has passed and Nigeria has been experiencing some significant shift since then. A number of events that are currently in the works and others that Nigerians are still eagerly anticipating ...
18 mins ago
Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki, has disclosed that the newly rebuilt state College of Agriculture in Iguoriakhi, Ovia South West Council, will open for academic activities in September 2023 with about 2, 000 students.
28 mins ago
A Non-profit organisation, Inmates Educational Foundation (IEF) has reconstructed classrooms and provided 100-seater chairs and tables for inmates at Ife Correctional Centre, Osun State.
32 mins ago
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Akwa Ibom State chapter, has described as completely illogical the allegation by Young Progressive Party, (YPP) that its chieftains hijacked election materials and conducted elections in their homes.