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Lords Achievers Awards

14 May 2023
The 5th edition of the Lord's Achievers Awards in 2023 was all about celebrating innovative excellence.


7 mins ago
The front-runner in Mexico's upcoming presidential election said Saturday she was being inundated with hate-filled calls and messages after her phone number was released online.
23 mins ago
Ingredients: • 4-6 large snails • 2-3 Medium-sized green plantains (you want green plantain that’s not soft or too green) • 1/2 a teaspoon of Garlic • 1 bulb of onion • 2 large tomatoes • 1 medium Scotch Bonnet pepper • 4 tablespoons of oil • 2 cubes of Knorr/Maggi • 1 pinch of…
34 mins ago
Israel's war cabinet has discussed the next steps for negotiations towards a hostage deal and ceasefire in its war with Hamas, as concern deepens over the increasingly desperate situation faced by civilians in the devastated Gaza Strip.
53 mins ago
Coconut oil's reign as the go-to natural moisturiser may be fading away, as concerns about its comedogenic (pore-clogging) properties and limited suitability for certain skin types come to light. Fear not, beauty lovers! Nature's diverse botanical world offers a plethora of other natural oils, each boasting unique benefits for achieving smooth, radiant skin. Let's embark…
56 mins ago
American and British forces carried out a fresh wave of strikes Saturday against 18 Huthi targets in Yemen, following weeks of unrelenting attacks on Red Sea shipping by the Iran-backed rebels.
1 hour ago
When Donald Trump's picture appeared on screen Saturday, his supporters at an election-night watch party in South Carolina burst into cheers -- convinced that his victory in yet another state primary had cemented his status as the "definitive" Republican presidential nominee.
1 hour ago
Unripe plantain porridge is one of the healthiest dishes you can consider. It’s not only delicious; the fibre content in unripe plantain reduces cholesterol levels. It has low carbohydrate content and it can serve as a diet for the control of weight. How to prepare this delicious meal Ingredients • 6 unripe plantains • 1…
2 hours ago
Parenting in this part of the world has often been miscalculated. It has remained stagnant as it was from time immemorial. Guess what? Though the times have changed, the style of raising children hasn't, and this is affecting output as a family and children growing up in the society and immediate environment at large. Surely,…
2 hours ago
The above was the subtitle of the last paragraph of the third piece last week, which was a report of how a transport workers union inside Lagos taxes their members to generate revenue for some unknown powers.
2 hours ago
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), yesterday, resolved to lift some of the sanctions imposed on Niger, Mali and Guinea, in response to unconstitutional change of government in the countries.