Saturday, 22nd January 2022
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15 Jan 2018
Oaxaca (pronounced "Wah-HAH-kah"), one of Mexico's most beautiful states, is the perfect place to experience true Mexican culture. Best known for its indigenous peoples and cultures, the ancient, high-altitude state is located in the southwestern part of Mexico and there are a bunch of reasons why this architectural gem is easy to love.   Oaxaca…
14 Jan 2018
Pepsi music ambassadors Wizkid and Davido used the platforms of their headline concerts during the Yuletide to preach peace and love among Nigerians. At sold out “Wizkid the Concert” show at the Eko Hotel Convention centre, Lagos on Christmas eve, Wizkid putting up arguably the best show of his career in Lagos in recent times…
2 Dec 2017
I REMEMBER a Christian woman who was extremely harsh to her daughter in law and was a source of constant pain to her young son’s wife. Though she was a constant churchgoer, she was not a kind person. I discovered that when this woman was young, her in-laws were also very wicked to her. One…
9 Aug 2017
One thing about love is that it can be very hard to put into words. We may be able to know that we are in love, but finding the words to explain those feelings can be difficult. How do you explain those butterflies in your stomach, that knot that loosens up into something beautiful when…
14 Jul 2017
One of the best parts of being a couple is doing activities together! This also comes with lots of benefits as you get to bond with your partner, share long lasting memories and of course create the atmosphere for a bit of romance! The benefits of couple activities are endless but sometimes these activities tend to be…
12 Jul 2017
People grow, and as they do, they change. Everything about them can change: from their favourite foods, to their dream job, to the things they enjoy doing the most. In a relationship, keeping up with these changes can be quite tasking, so to keep things fresh and healthy, ask questions regularly. It can be a…
4 Jul 2017
Love is perhaps one of the most complicated topics of all time. Most people can describe being in love at some point in their lifespan, as like many other animal species, humans crave companionship. Finding a steady partner often proves to be quite strenuous as we are constantly falling in and out of love and…
25 Jun 2017
Somebody can claim he loves God and that may be lip service. That is not the love that God is demanding, what He wants from you is the love that will take all your soul, all your heart and mind.
4 Jun 2017
Like I wrote last week, the phrase “tough love” is what we use in marriage and family counselling to describe a situation, where you need to take tough action to prevent people you really love from misbehaving.
20 May 2017
He wrote her memorable letters that further cemented their relationship and kindled the flame of love in her soul. There was this poetic prose he wrote her that filled her with passion and joy.
29 Apr 2017
Intimacy is not the same thing as physical chemistry or sexual connection. Intimacy is in sharing yourself, from a deep, emotional place. The part of you that has been hidden from others.
4 Feb 2017
Last week on the big screen at Ozone Cinema in Yaba, Lagos, Nigerian-born, Canadian-based actor, Nosa Obaseki, was busy caressing and kissing Brenda, a good singer, who couldn’t showcase her talent...


1 day ago
Sudanese anti-coup protesters held a "day for the martyrs" Friday, gathering outside the homes of some of those killed in a bloody crackdown on demonstrations since
1 day ago
At least 70 people were killed in an airstrike on prison and at least three children died in a separate bombardment as Yemen's long-running conflict suffered
1 day ago
US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida agreed to "push back" against China and condemned North Korea's spate of missile tests, while Biden underlined US
1 day ago
Omicron is now the dominant Covid-19 variant circulating in the European Union and European Economic Area (EAA), the bloc's health agency said on Friday.
1 day ago
Senator Orji Kalu, the Senate's Chief Whip, said he decided to run for the office of president after leaders from the six geopolitical zones approached him. This comes after he revealed that he had previously told other presidential candidates, including former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu, former Senate President Pius Anyim, and Ebonyi State Governor…