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Mashed Potatoes

25 Aug 2019
Growing up I really hated potatoes, mostly because of how it was made at my house. As an adult though, I have devised ways of infusing potatoes into my meals as they are packed with lots of nutritious goodness, it contains significant amounts of fibre. Fibre helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the…
20 Jul 2019
Potato is a staple food and feeds two-thirds of the worlds population - it is a favorite in many places. It is a very good source of Vitamin C...
7 Aug 2018
Mashed potatoes were to Joel Robuchon, the star French chef who died on Monday at 73, what a madeleine sponge cake dunked in tea was to novelist Marcel Proust: a powerful, sensuous reminder of his youth. And as far as he was concerned, the more butter, the better. Robuchon rehabilitated the simple milk-spud-butter mix in…


17 mins ago
Residents of Port Harcourt have decried poor standard of meat processing in Rivers State.
1 day ago
Water is one of the most important substances on earth. It is so important that both plants and animals need water to survive. It is, however, essential that the water people drink and use for other purposes is clean and free from germs and pathogens. Therefore, to make water potable, its production must conform to…
1 day ago
Stakeholders in the digital ecosystem, on Tuesday, set the stage for a synergy between the public and private sectors, to facilitate digital inclusion and set Nigeria on the path to sustainable economic development. Held in Abuja, the formative dialogue was the first run of the Policy Innovation Centre’s (PIC) ‘Inclusive Digital Transformation Programme’, sponsored by…
1 day ago
There are fears that lives may have been lost and several others injured after jets belonging to the Nigeria Air Force (NAF), were reported to have bombed Kunkuna village, in Safana Local Government Area of Katsina State. The incident reportedly took place at about 11:00 pm on Tuesday, shortly after President Muhammadu Buhari's advance team…
1 day ago
President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday visited the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Kuje attacked by terrorists, where he expressed disappointment with the nation’s intelligence system.