Saturday, 21st May 2022
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22 Jan
A number of diseases peak during the dry season – usually between October and May– because the season comes with high temperatures and low humidity
18 Nov 2021
National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) has explained the choice of Taraba among the states for the pilot immunisation for measles, yellow fever and meningitis.
8 Sep 2021
An epidemic of meningitis has been declared in northeastern DR Congo, where 129 people have died, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.
5 Jul 2020
Like many other people in the world, do you love a passionate kiss? The type that leaves you breathless and craving for more? The kisses that the fairytales preach, yes those that sweep you off your feet and transport you to cloud nine. The world stops rotating during a good kiss and nothing else seems…
19 Mar 2020
The weather is still hot and humid. People can hardly sleep at night without fan or air conditioner, for those that can afford either or both of them.
14 Dec 2019
Oluwagbotemi Braithwaite, fondly called ‘Temi, was 18 years old when she died of meningitis, a virus parents didn’t know their meticulous ‘daughter had contracted, but for the postmortem result.
9 Aug 2019
Plateau Government on Friday launched immunisation of children against meningitis to checkmate any outbreaks of the disease in the state.
24 May 2019
Measles has killed 89 persons and infected 28,796 others nationwide since the beginning of this year.
25 Apr 2019
As the World Meningitis Day (WMD) held yesterday with the theme, Life After Meningitis”, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) released fresh frightening statistics about the contagious disease wherein 58 persons were killed and 760 others....
5 Mar 2019
Unlike in the past when Lassa fever (LF) and Yellow fever (YF) epidemics used to be seasonal, the country has in the past one year continued to record new cases and deaths as well of those of cerebro spinal meningitis...
20 Feb 2019
More Nigerians have succumbed to the ongoing Lassa fever (LF) and Cerebro Spinal Meningitis (CSM) outbreaks in over 27 states of the country.
10 Feb 2019
Babies’ skins are delicate and prone to infections. One of the commonest problems that parents have to deal with, are skin rashes. Rashes make babies irritated and restless. In this interview with GERALDINE AKUTU, Consultant Physician, Dermatologist and Genitourinary Specialist, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Otrofanowei Erere shed more light on skin rashes and related…


3 hours ago
The Police Command in Lagos State says it will arrest both motorcyclists and passengers as part of measures to enforce the ban on commercial motorcycle operations in the state.
4 hours ago
Five people, including four members of the same family, were killed in a tourist plane crash in the French Alps on Saturday, rescue services said.
5 hours ago
Former President Goodluck Jonathan has faulted the hearing of arbitrations for the contracts entered by the Federal Government with International Organizations in the United Kingdom.
6 hours ago
The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Saturday confirmed the rescue of one person, and the recovery of one dead person in a two-storey building that collapsed at Freeman Road, Lagos Island...
7 hours ago
Five soldiers and 30 "terrorists" were killed in fighting in northern Burkina Faso after the suspected jihadists attacked a military base in large numbers on Saturday, the army said.