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Michael Bamidele

20 Nov 2021
Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. Located at the eastern edge of mainland Southeast Asia, it covers 311,699 square kilometres and with a population of over 96 million; it is the world’s fifteenth-most populous country. Its capital is Hanoi and its largest city is Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). One of Vietnam’s strongest draws…
7 Nov 2021
The Westfjords is a large peninsula in northwestern Iceland, it covers approximately a 22,000 square kilometre area, with a population of just over 7,000. The peninsula offers some of the most magnificent scenery in the country. It is off-the-beaten-track which allows you to immerse yourself in its folklore-like beauty alongside ample attractions and activities.  Fun…
7 Nov 2021
If you watch the teaser Blessing Uzzi upcoming film “No Man’s Land,” you can’t help but anticipate the story that is about to unfold as you’re stunned by scenes of gun-wielding children alongside Afrobeat star, Seun Kuti.  While the film is not out yet, The Guardian Life got a chance to catch up with Uzzi…
10 Oct 2021
The concept of marriage, seemingly individualistic in outlook, has more often than not served as a tool to propagate and preserve a people and their culture. After all, the family is the basic unit of society. However, for varying reasons, finding the “right” life partner has proven, in most cases, to be a challenge for…
23 Mar 2021
A bill seeking to amend the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) Act on Tuesday scaled second reading at the Senate.
10 Jan 2021
The conversations on traveling to Canada is mostly centred around migration. However, the North American country has so much to offer other than the promise of a good life. Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You’ll have to see and experience it to believe it. It is important to note…
12 Jul 2020
Do you look in the mirror and think the men you see on TV or magazine pages are better looking than you? No, they aren't; they just dress and groom better. Some men look like they were born stylish. But the truth is; styling is a skill and just like cooking, writing or any other…
5 Jul 2020
In the course of history, Africa has been viewed from the perspective of the West, whose lens is focused mostly on the problems in the continent; poverty, famine and corruption. It was this subjective view that the late Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe hinted at when he said, “until the lions have their own historians, the…
28 Apr 2020
"Do aliens exist?" This is probably one of the most asked questions since humans began speculating about the existence of life outside of earth. Since the mid-20th century, active ongoing research has taken place to look for signs of extraterrestrial life or aliens, the preferred term in pop culture. On Monday, the United States Department…
24 Mar 2020
Albert Uderzo, the co-creator and illustrator of the "Asterix and Obelix", has died aged 92, his family said Tuesday. "Albert Uderzo died in his sleep at his home in Neuilly, after a heart attack that was not linked to the coronavirus. He had been extremely tired for the past several weeks," his son-in-law Bernard de…
22 Mar 2020
In a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Australian government has ordered clubs, pubs, churches and cinemas to close. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a press conference on Sunday announced that there would be new measures on social distancing across the country from noon on Monday that would see the closure…
15 Mar 2020
Palaces are often built with the intent to show off the wealth and splendour of royalties. The first palace on the list was so spectacular that it inspired some other royalties to build theirs in response, meanwhile, the last on the list inspired Disney's Cinderella castle. Palace of Versailles, France The Palace of Versailles also…


1 day ago
The Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) has described the economic challenges facing the country as multi-faceted and called for a holistic and multi-pronged approach to resolving them.
1 day ago
Ese Brume has won the women’s long jump event at the on-going Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, claiming gold in a Games record 7.00 metres ahead of Australia’s Brooke Buschkuehl (6.95m). Ghana’s Deborah Acquah was third with a new personal best leap of 6.94m. Brume’s compatriot, Ruth Usoro, placed sixth with a jump of 6.56m.…
1 day ago
Rebels killed 15 civilians and one army captain in recent attacks on villages in eastern DR Congo's Ituri province, a military officer said Sunday, raising an earlier reported death toll of 10.
1 day ago
President Joe Biden on Sunday deplored the killings of four Muslim men in New Mexico, which police say may be linked.
1 day ago
Erling Haaland scored twice on his Premier League debut as Manchester City opened their defence of the title with a 2-0 win at West Ham, while Manchester United was beaten 2-1 by Brighton