Friday, 28th January 2022
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Mike Pence

2 Jan
One year after supporters of Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol and shut down Congress, Americans still await a reckoning
8 Apr 2021
Mike Pence has inked a deal to write an autobiography addressing his time as US vice president in the Trump administration, publisher Simon & Schuster said Wednesday regarding a two-book contract reportedly worth at least $3 million.
31 Jan 2021
How strong was democracy to have allowed, in the first place, Trump supporters to infiltrate the hallowed chambers of Capitol to desecrate its shrine on January 6, 2021? The same security officers democracy uses to show its strength disappointed it that day.
22 Jan 2021
Sir: The American democratic exceptionalism has not been tarnished as many U.S. officials seem it to be. It’s not a delusion that America is still the father of democracy.
13 Jan 2021
US Vice President Mike Pence told House leaders Tuesday he does not support invoking the 25th Amendment process to remove Donald Trump, all but guaranteeing an impeachment vote against the besieged president.
12 Jan 2021
President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence met on Monday for the first time since rioters stormed the US Capitol last week, signalling a united front as Democratic efforts to impeach Trump gain momentum. The meeting in the Oval Office -- described as "a good conversation" by a senior official -- came ahead of…
10 Jan 2021
Mike Pence will attend the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden, multiple media reports said Saturday, the vice president becoming the latest longtime loyalist to abandon an increasingly isolated President Donald Trump. Relations between Trump and Pence -- previously one of the mercurial president's staunchest defenders -- have nosedived since Wednesday, when the vice president formally…
8 Jan 2021
US Vice President Mike Pence is opposed to using the constitution's 25th Amendment to force President Donald Trump from office, despite pressure from Democrats and some Republicans, the New York Times reported Thursday.
31 Dec 2020
A Republican senator said Wednesday that he will object to Congress's certification next week of the results of the November 3 US presidential election, a move that may slightly delay -- but not derail -- the final confirmation of Democrat Joe Biden's victory.
19 Dec 2020
Several senior US officials including Vice President Mike Pence got early Covid-19 vaccinations Friday, contrasting with Europe, where two leaders were quarantining after testing positive...
18 Dec 2020
US Vice President Mike Pence received a Covid-19 jab on live television Friday as the country prepared to greenlight its second vaccine in a boost to the planet's unprecedented immunisation campaign.
8 Oct 2020
US Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday congratulated Senator Kamala Harris on the historic nature of her candidacy, in a strikingly more civil debate than the nasty presidential face-off just a week ago.


44 mins ago
Toyota retained its crown as the world's top-selling automaker on Friday, having overcome a chip shortage and supply chain woes to beat Volkswagen for a second straight year.
47 mins ago
Malian cotton farmers are set to produce a bumper crop this year, but Mahamadou Konate is worried, belying the smile he wears as he paces through his field.
1 hour ago
Escalating tensions over Ukraine are increasing the risk that nuclear weapons could be used, putting the world in dire jeopardy, the head of the Nobel prize-winning group ICAN told AFP.
1 hour ago
According to Albert Schweitzer, "The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” The aforementioned is so apt for top multi-media broadcaster, on-air personality, voiceover artist and talent manager, Adedoyin Ayomide Samuel, who is popularly known as AyRubber and would be among those…
4 hours ago
The postponed fears by most stakeholders in the Nigerian electricity market is nowhere, as the weak structure of electricity companies, especially the 11 distribution firms (DisCos) and government-induced bottlenecks...