Saturday, 10th June 2023


3 Sep 2022
The lead partner in the business law firm, Odujinrin and Adefulu, Dr. Adeoye Adefulu, has been nominated to lead the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Section on Business Law (SBL) as its chairman.
26 Aug 2021
When Jack Welch became the chief executive of GE in 1981, its stock price was struggling. Its market capitalisation hovered around $14 billion. On his retirement two decades later, it stood at more than $410 billion.
5 Jul 2021
An article by Helen Oji published recently by The Guardian newspaper expressed concern about the future of the Nigerian stock market in the face of waning interest from millennials...
11 Mar 2020
Millennials have been tasked to make sound and informed investment decisions that will guarantee their plans for the future.
5 Mar 2020
Millennials have been tasked to make sound and informed investment decisions that will guarantee their plans for the future. This was at a panel session organized by Investment One Financial Services Limited
12 Dec 2019
Millennials are taking over the workforce. They are smart, exposed, energetic, and technology-driven, but they are also difficult to retain as employees, says Head of Human Resource (HR), Greensprings School, Mrs. Cynthia Odunaiya
12 Dec 2019
As the world look ahead to the beginning of another decade on January 1, 2020, millennials have been urged to aspire to be goal-oriented professionals and passionate individuals.
17 Oct 2019
Millennials are driven to Connect, Collaborate, and Create, and can be some of your company’s best assets for Innovation. But many are averse to working for large corporations – and many companies, in turn, don’t know how to work with them.
10 Oct 2019
The world of work as we know it today has drastically changed, approximately 60 per cent of the workforce of most organizations now have, generation X to millennials as their staff.
7 Apr 2019
Millennials refers to the younger generation. It is the particular cohort, which reaches young adulthood in this 21st Century. Globally, they are recognised as the largest living generation.
14 May 2018
It was the last stage of a recent interview to recruit a young and enterprising employee for a travel management company. There were three shortlisted candidates for one vacant position. One of the candidates, 25-year old Linda (not real name) had an impressive resume. Apart from her good grades, Linda had been involved in and…
27 Dec 2016
It’s a tale as old as time: Middle-aged and older adults kvetch about the younger generation and speculate on what this world is coming to. For example, business author and consultant ...


25 mins ago
Nigeria's security services have detained the country's suspended central bank chief as part of an investigation into his office, an agency said on Saturday.
1 hour ago
Umar Sadiq says he cannot just wait to make his debut in the UEFA Champions League in the colours of Real Sociedad even as he recuperates from injury.
1 hour ago
Nigerians have expressed shock at the ommission of KAA Gent of Belgium striker, Gift Orban and Victor Boniface of Royale Union Saint Gilloise from the latest Super Eagles squad.
3 hours ago
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Saturday that counteroffensive action was underway as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Kyiv and accused Russia over flooding from the breached Kakhovka dam.
3 hours ago
Romania on Saturday said it had recalled its ambassador to Kenya for allegedly comparing a monkey to Africans while attending a meeting in Nairobi.