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A combination of undated photographs posted on the X, formerly Twitter account of Ukraine's Ministry of Defense on September 10, 2023 reportedly shows Canadian aid worker Anthony Ihnat (L) and Spanish aid worker Emma Igual, both worked for the international humanitarian organisation Road to Relief in Ukraine. - Ukraine's defence ministry said Moscow's troops had killed Emma Igual, a Spanish citizen who studied at the University of California at Berkeley, and Anthony Ihnat, a Canadian citizen both working for the NGO Road to Relief. Kyiv on September 10, 2023 blamed Russian forces for the killing of two in east Ukraine, calling their deaths near the war-battered city of Bakhmut "a painful, irreparable loss". (Photo by Handout / Ukraine's Ministry of Defense / AFP)

Two aid workers killed in Ukraine, Kyiv blames Russia

Two aid workers, one Canadian and one Spanish, were killed in east Ukraine, said Kyiv on Sunday blaming Russian forces and calling their deaths near war-ravaged Bakhmut "a painful, irreparable loss".
10 months ago
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