Sunday, 22nd May 2022
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Nigeria Air.

1 Apr
United Arab Emirates (UAE) national carrier, Emirates Airlines, and its Qatari counterpart, Qatar Airways, have rallied behind Nigeria’s new national carrier project for successful take-off next quarter.
10 Mar
Federal Ministry of Aviation has refuted a report that Qatar Airways has been chosen as the preferred bidder for Nigeria’s national carrier, Nigeria Air.
7 Mar
The controversial national carrier, Nigeria Air, may now see the light of the day in second quarter of this year, as request for proposal will go public this week.
27 Feb
The Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) says Air Nigeria will begin to convey Nigerians before the end of President Muhammad Buhari’s administration.
21 Jan
Nigeria and Uganda both set out to revive their defunct national airlines in 2018. About four years into the race, Uganda Airlines has gained altitude with a fleet now ranked as the youngest by any airline globally in 2022.
3 Dec
Erstwhile advocates of a new national carrier project have made a U-turn, faulting the model of the proposed Nigeria Air that is scheduled for takeoff in April 2022.
28 Nov
The Federal Government’s newfound zest to float the controversial national carrier, Nigeria Air, next year, has spiked concerns in the industry, in a manner that questions both the feasibility and intent of the high-capital venture.
3 Nov 2021
The controversial national carrier, Nigeria Air, may see the light of the day before the current administration winds down, with a new take-off date now set for the first quarter of 2022.
14 May 2021
About three years after its unveiling in London, the Federal Government has relived hope of the new national carrier with a funding offer above $250 million.
1 Nov 2020
The continuing allocation of public funds by the Federal Government for the suspended National Airline Carrier is wasteful and insensitive to the preponderance of public opinion against that project.
30 Oct 2020
The Federal Government recently hinted at the plan to float a new national carrier already christened Nigeria Air. But the controversial venture is coming at a time of lean resources, global downturn, and investors’ fatigue, amid an unfriendly local environment for airlines’ survival. WOLE OYEBADE writes. After the 2018-botched take-off of the new national carrier,…
29 Jul 2020
It has been two years since the Federal Government unveiled the national carrier project at the Farnborough Air-show in London, United Kingdom.


59 mins ago
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1 day ago
The Police Command in Lagos State says it will arrest both motorcyclists and passengers as part of measures to enforce the ban on commercial motorcycle operations in the state.
1 day ago
Five people, including four members of the same family, were killed in a tourist plane crash in the French Alps on Saturday, rescue services said.
1 day ago
Former President Goodluck Jonathan has faulted the hearing of arbitrations for the contracts entered by the Federal Government with International Organizations in the United Kingdom.
1 day ago
The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Saturday confirmed the rescue of one person, and the recovery of one dead person in a two-storey building that collapsed at Freeman Road, Lagos Island...