Monday, 29th November 2021
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olive oil

27 Jun 2020
Olive oil is a fat obtained from the fruit of the Olea europaea (olive tree), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean region. Whole olives are pressed to produce this distinctive oil. Although olive oil originally came from the Mediterranean, today it is used worldwide. There are many amazing health benefits to olive oil that many people…
20 Nov 2019
Olive oil is derived from olives and is a staple of the Mediterranean diet. The oil has many nutritional benefits when consumed, but it is also frequently applied to the skin and hair, according to Medical News Today. Below are some of the benefits of Olive oil to the skin. Antioxidant Olive oil acts as…
21 Sep 2019
Olive oil is known for its wondrous properties which include antioxidant- it helps promote your scalp's health and also contains monounsaturated fatty acids which help in strengthening the roots and tips of your hair. The use of oil for hair treatment has emerged for centuries. Everyone is aiming for a softer, shiny and healthy hair…
21 Mar 2019
The heart is such an important organ in the body that everything possible should be done to keep it working optimally all the time. The life and wellbeing of the individual depends on the good working condition of the heart always. Also, because of this importance, every human being and medical practitioners should have an…
28 Feb 2019
Scientists have advanced in the search for natural cures for cancers. Latest findings showed onions, leeks, and garlic slash the chance of getting deadly bowel tumour; diet rich in whole grains, bran, and cereal fibre reduces risk of liver cancer by 40 per cent; and how chronic stress boosts malignant cell growth. A study published…
9 Jan 2019
Multiple miscarriages may be linked to the poor quality of a man's sperm, suggests new research.The early-stage study, from scientists at Imperial College London, investigated the sperm quality of 50 men whose partners had suffered three or more consecutive miscarriages.
4 Sep 2018
Comsuming Mediterranean diet, especially plenty of olive oil, cuts the risk of erectile dysfunction by 40 percent, a study has found.
22 May 2018
The old saying, “Good things take time,” is not exactly accurate when it comes to repairing dry, damaged hair. It is sadder considering that hair can be damaged relatively quickly due to humidity. However, while we cannot do anything about the humidity, we, however, can suggest a few quick fixes that can put your hair…
15 May 2018
Some evidence suggests that diet may influence risk of hearing loss. Previous studies have looked at how specific nutrients affect risk, but the relation of overall diet and risk of developing hearing loss was unclear.
4 May 2018
Eating a Mediterranean diet boosts ‘good’ bacteria in the gut, new research suggests. Eating lots of vegetables, fish and olive oil improves good bacteria in the stomach by up to seven per cent compared with a western diet, a study found. Lead author Dr Hariom Yadav, from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina,…
26 Mar 2018
A diet that swaps fats found in meat for those in plants could reduce people's chances of dying early by 24-to-26 per cent, according to a recent study.
10 Nov 2017
Ginger, blueberries, olive oil and green tea are among the 'superfoods' that help fight rheumatoid arthritis, according to new research.Scientists have compiled a definitive list of foods proven to combat the symptoms of the crippling condition.


1 hour ago
Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) has won five awards at the 2021 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), including the prestigious Best Director and Best Nigerian Film awards. Nominated in seven of the 26 categories, prior to Sunday’s AMAA, the GDN Studios-produced film also came out tops in the Best Editing, Best Sound, and Best First…
1 day ago
The Kogi State Commissioner for Environment, Adewale Omofaiye, on Sunday escaped being kidnapped but was shot on the leg by suspected kidnappers. The incident happened between Ikoyi and Iyara in Kogi State at about 5pm on Sunday evening Omofaiye was on his way to Lokoja when the suspected kidnappers opened fire on his vehicle and…
1 day ago
While PCR tests can detect infection with Omicron, studies are looking to whether the Covid-19 variant of concern has any impact on other test types, the WHO said Sunday.
1 day ago
Yet-to-be identified gunmen, suspected to be bandits, on Sunday attacked the Jos Correctional centre. The bandits were said to have pretended to be on a visit before they opened fire
1 day ago
Los Angeles superstar LeBron James returned from the first suspension of his NBA career to score 39 points Wednesday and lead the Lakers to a 124-116 overtime victory over the Indiana Pacers.