Sunday, 14th August 2022
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Omagbitse Barrow

3 May 2021
Experts have urged employers in both private and public sectors to join the contributory pension scheme to secure the future of their workers.
13 Sep 2019
Chief Executive of Learning Impact NG, Omagbitse Barrow, has expressed regrets about the low intellectual quality of new entrants into the Nigerian labour market due to lack of practical skills.
17 Apr 2018
Watching the most recent episode of the hit TV Series – The Fixer – where the lead character Olivia Pope decided to speak the truth about the existence of the Secret Intelligence Agency ‘B613’ reminded me again of cardinal and central role that truth plays in national re-birth and transformation.
6 Apr 2018
During the week we celebrated World Autism Day and this year’s celebration was focused on “Women and Girls”. It is an interesting theme...
5 Apr 2018
Already, some of the psychological perspectives are in play in our own financial system, but there are quite a few lessons that regulators and industry operators can learn from the psychology of financial inclusion and I will try to advance some of these arguments....
29 Mar 2018
Let's think about the typical domestic worker that comes into Abuja, Lagos or any of our big cities from the villages or from other states in the hinterland searching for better opportunities. They come to our homes and we take them in and at best pay them the prescribed minimum wage for the work that…
14 Mar 2018
As a young child, I spent some of my idle time ransacking my parents’ wardrobes, closets, and bags. I was particularly fascinated by the peppermints that I always found in my mother’s purses and the biros and pens of various colours that both my parents kept.
2 Aug 2017
They are perhaps too busy trying to ‘steal’ teachers from other schools that they turn a blind eye to finding out as much as they can about their new teachers.
11 Jul 2017
When you hear people say that if you want to hide money from a Nigerian you should place it in a book – it is true. I have experienced it myself at multiple levels, and I imagine many others have too.
3 Jul 2017
Often you hear people talk and write about the abundance of human capital in Nigeria. Overtime and from my experience managing businesses, leading institutions and most significantly teaching children and adults...
16 Jun 2017
If they had a RSA with some savings, they would have had something to fall back on when the factories closed. Because there was no CPS and therefore no RSA, most if not all of the people who worked there would have had no retirement benefits.
1 Jun 2017
We have even had two of such national leaders place primordial value om the number of ‘billionaires” that were created during their tenures, reflecting the very sentiment that Eisenhower shared.


2 hours ago
The National Vice chairman. (North West) of the ruling All progressive congress (APC), Dr Salihu Lukman yesterday blamed the structural adjustment programme for the crisis in the educational sector of the country.
2 hours ago
Kenyans prayed for peace Sunday as they waited anxiously for the final outcome of the presidential election, with the two frontrunners almost neck and neck, according to partial official results.
2 hours ago
United Kingdom, the UK-based trainer on Leadership, Diana Young, has stressed the need for leaders to connect with his followers with the right approach and showing warmth in different ways to make the team members feel smart.
2 hours ago
The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), last week Thursday, swore in the newly elected executive members of The Guardian Chapel. The oath of office and swearing-in was administered by the Chairman of the Lagos State Council of the union, Mr Adeleye Ajayi. The new officers of The Guardian Chapel are: Tope Templer Olaiya as Chairman,…
3 hours ago
The Ghanaian High Commission in Nigeria has said that President Nana Akufo-Addo did not write the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential flag-bearer, Bola Tinubu to step aside for the Labour Party..