Saturday, 27th November 2021
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Princewill Ireoba

1 Sep 2019
God calls us to different offices and assignments for His purpose and pleasure. It is he who calls that determines the role and sets the rule. The called is only to play the script or do it just as caller wants it, not minding whether it suits him (the called) or not.
25 Aug 2019
The ministry of the church is a shared ministry. Every church member has a role to play. None is irrelevant and none is indispensable.
11 Aug 2019
To take heed means to give serious attention to warnings, advice, some realities or facts or situations on ground and take them into account when acting.
4 Aug 2019
When God calls and assigns, He also equips. He knows the difficulty of our task and our dependence on Him to operate.
21 Jul 2019
Jesus is Lord” is the shortest creedal affirmation found in the New Testament. It serves as a statement of faith for majority of Christians, who regard Jesus as both fully man and God. It has become a common ending for Christian adverts, as well as a common inscription on Christian posters....
14 Jul 2019
The word, piety, has its root meaning in the ancient Latin virtue that referred to a child’s obligation of love and respect for his or her parents.
30 Jun 2019
The world we live in and what are in it are ever changing – times, tides, values, styles, fashions, trends, etc. It is said and assumed that everything changes except change.
9 Jun 2019
Pentecost is the Greek word for fifty. The Jews in dispersion used it for the Jewish Feast of Weeks, which is held fifty days or seven weeks after Passover at the month of Sivan...
19 May 2019
Our God, who raised the Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd, through whom we have life after death, is most reliable and dependable. In Him and with Him, we are safe, and there is no cause for alarm.
5 May 2019
In the prayer (Collect) for the day, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who “was brought again from the dead”, is described as “that great shepherd of the sheep”.
28 Apr 2019
(2cor. 4:14): Meditation For The First Week After Easter Introduction The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest thing that has happened on earth for the good of man since the world began. It means the death of death and the gateway to eternal life. It is a proof of God’s power, propelled by His…
24 Feb 2019
At the opening of the Psalm, David declared: ‘The Lord is my shepherd.’ This is actually a sharp departure from the understanding of ancient Israel that thought only about “our” God (Deut. 6:4).


33 mins ago
Nigeria’s worsening food insecurity, which has pushed the cost of food importation to over $10 billion and has escalated foreign exchange scarcity to a record high, may be significantly doused thanks to a new seeds technology.
2 hours ago
Gov. Bello Matawalle of Zamfara has lifted the ban on mobile telecommunication network in the state.
2 hours ago
Former President Goodluck Jonathan, has urged Nigerian leaders to value the interest of every section of the country in order to build a united nation devoid of agitation, disunity and disenchantment.
4 hours ago
Germany on Saturday confirmed its first two cases of the new Omicron strain of Covid-19, in travellers who arrived at Munich airport from South Africa, regional officials said.
5 hours ago
Britain on Saturday announced tougher entry rules for all arriving passengers and the return of a masks mandate, after confirming its first two cases of the new Omicron strain of Covid-19.