Wednesday, 20th October 2021
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Atiku Bagudu
11 Oct
One of the world’s biggest ever data leaks has revealed the lengths some of the richest people on Earth go to hide their money – and with depressing inevitability, Nigerians are amongst those accused of corruption, money laundering and international tax avoidance as a result. The 336 politicians said to be named in the 12…
27 Aug
In tech terms, 2007 was a thousand years ago. YouTube was a little over a year old. Instagram and Snapchat didn’t exist. TikTok wouldn’t go international for another decade. That’s why it’s only sensible that we update our technology laws to reflect the Nigeria we live in now. But this regulatory refresh must not come…
23 Jul
If you were the Nigerian government, what would you spend ₦4.8 billion on? A job creation programme aimed at targeting our 32.5% unemployment rate? Badly needed upgrades to our transport and digital infrastructure? Investment aimed at diversifying our economy and helping us prepare for a post-oil global economy? Spying on people’s WhatsApp conversations? In the…
2 Jun
The 2023 election may feel like a long way off, but the battle to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari is already underway. But who will step into his big shoes? Just recently, the influential international news agency, Bloomberg, asked the question “is Nigeria falling apart?” Unfortunately, it’s hard to argue that it isn’t. However, the real…
21 May
This week, an unelected head of state – sitting on a throne – announced plans to make it harder for their subjects to vote. In the Queen’s Speech – in which the British government outlines legislative plans for the coming year – her majesty Queen Elizabeth announced plans requiring voters to bring formal photographic identification,…
12 May
I am almost as old as Nigeria itself – and in all my time on earth, I have never seen our nation face so many challenges. Corruption. Covid-19. Kidnapping. Economic collapse. Climate Change. Civil insurrection from secessionists. Civil unrest in rural towns. Last month alone, almost 600 civilians were killed across our nation – with…
7 May
A prime minister’s text messages appearing to show him agree to “fix” the tax system to help a billionaire businessman.A prime minister is accused of asking wealthy political donors to refurbish his house – leading the government watchdog to publicly state there are "reasonable grounds to suspect that an offence or offences may have occurred".…
28 Apr
Nigeria is still a very young democracy, but our democratic representatives and institutions continue to feel extremely old – and nowhere can we see this more clearly than in the recent explosion in the use of electronic payments. An unprecedented number of Nigerians are making the change to paying for everyday goods and services using…
6 Apr
Nigeria’s rollout of the coronavirus vaccine had begun – and almost 300,000 of us are already considerably safer as a result. This should be grounds for national pride and renewed optimism- but 1 in 4 Nigerians don’t trust the government enough to get vaccinated. A recent survey from the Africa Centre for Disease Control and…
16 Mar
In 2018, Nigeria suffered international embarrassment when President Muhammadu Buhari was forced to deny online claims that he had died and been replaced with a clone. In 2021, such claims may be made to look too real even though they are false. Could President Buhari be cloned after all? This is part of the dangers…
9 Mar
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has apparently turned its nose up at electronic voting – claiming Nigerians don’t trust our democracy enough for it to work. They are quite right that Nigerians simply do not trust our political leaders or institutions. But this is a classic example of “what came first, the chicken or…
2 Mar
Nigeria’s latest anti-corruption chief, Abdulrasheed Bawa has his work cut out. I mean, how are the people of Nigeria supposed to trust the ruling class when the man he succeeded as head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has himself been accused of pocketing the agency’s funds? But the Nigerian government’s decision to ban…


2 hours ago
Phil Foden ran the show for Manchester City in their 5-1 hammering of Club Brugge in the Champions League, but it was the goalscoring cameo of fellow academy graduate Cole Palmer..
2 hours ago
For some heavyweight clubs the Europa competitions are proving a tricky balancing act and as the groups hit halfway this week big clubs like Leicester and Napoli risk falling hard.
2 hours ago
Sebastien Haller scored his sixth Champions League goal in three games as Ajax took firm control of their group with a ruthless display at home as they routed Borussia Dortmund 4-0 on Tuesday.
3 hours ago
World Cup winner Lucas Hernandez is set to play for Bayern Munich at Benfica in the Champions League on Wednesday, just two days after appearing before a Madrid court for violating a restraining order in 2017.
3 hours ago
I was a Rapporteur at the National Workshop of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja on August 19, 2021.