Friday, 7th October 2022
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SBM Intelligence

11 Jun
During one of my many discussions of Igbo politics with Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu, one of those people I look up to a lot, he said something poignant. He said, “Cheta, you speak of these things like you are expecting an ideal. You cannot have an impact among your people until you accept them as what they…
31 May
With Federal allocations proving to be grossly insufficient for running a state in Nigeria, many sub nationals have turned to taxes and levies to survive. Still, many of them are barely surviving because the tax systems in many of these states are a mess. The reality is that only a few businesses in Nigeria are…
28 Apr
On April 22, one of Nigeria’s best-known fast-food chain restaurants, Chicken Republic, announced the addition of a new meal to its menu. The ‘Egg Star’ is a simple dish that consists of rice, stew, and an egg that costs just N500. The reactions that followed the announcement were mostly hilarious yet poignant commentaries on how…
15 Mar
Movement is essential to life and in a country like Nigeria where individuals are largely responsible for their transportation, it is a given that transport cost takes a large chunk of the disposable income of an average Nigerian. Since transportation fares are largely driven by fuel prices, it is believed that a rise in fuel…
24 Feb
Insecurity is like cancer. If not swiftly attended to, it spreads to other parts of the body. The same can be said of Kwara State neighbouring Kogi - to the east and Niger to the north. Both northern states have witnessed 154 and 1144 deaths in recent times after consistent attacks from armed criminal gangs.…
8 Sep 2021
No fewer than 1409 students were abducted in Nigeria in the past 19 months. This was contained in a report released by SBM Intelligence. SBM is Nigeria’s geopolitical intelligence platform.
28 May 2020
The security architecture in Nigeria has once again come under the spotlight after a new report said the Nigerian Government and citizens have handed over N4 billion ($11 million) to kidnappers for ransom in the last four years. “Between June 2011 and end of March 2020, What we have found shows that between June 2011…
15 Nov 2019
When Cheta Nwanze left the Daily Times in 2013, to establish SB Morgen Digital, he had a clear vision of what his new gig would focus on. Being the head of IT for two newspapers in Nigeria - first 234Next, a forward-looking young newspaper that died too early, and Daily Times, Nigeria's oldest newspaper -…
10 May 2019
It all comes at a cost, that savoury, delectable and palate-appealing staple Nigerians love and protect like cultural heritage, Jollof Rice. And the Jollof index, returning after an election-forced hiatus is all here to tell how much it costs in cities across Nigeria. The SBM Jollof Rice index, which tracks the price of the main…
13 Nov 2018
On Monday, July 23, Mariam Abiola told the police how she has killed four persons for her gang leader, each person's life only worth ₦10, 000. Runaway Abiola, 20, a member of Eiye confraternity, according to the police, was recruited into the gang by a certain Sodiq. She had dreamed of being gainfully employed in…
28 Mar 2018
The figures from the first SBM Intelligence's Jollof Rice Index for 2018 are in. But there is not much to cheer. No, the food crisis bedevilling some parts of Nigeria’s northeast has not spread its wings to other parts of the country. The ghost of the inflation-fuelled 2016 still looms in the dark of markets…
1 Jan 2018
2017 was bleak; blighted by inflation, recession, government prevarication on important decisions, an insincere war on corruption, uptick in Boko Haram attacks (mostly on soft targets) and needless pastoral conflicts. The gloom that the year represented was accentuated by the promise that heralded it. At the beginning of the year, the Muhammadu Buhari administration had…


17 mins ago
The Federal Government has declared Monday 10th October 2022 as a public holiday to mark this year’s Eid-ul-Mawlid Celebration.
21 mins ago
Abuja-based Pediatrician and Public Health expert, Dr Yashua Alkali Hamza has warned Nigerians to guard against very stressful lifestyles. In a chat with the Guardian in Abuja, she contended that Nigerians can be rest assured that they would be fit and healthier if they imbibe the relaxation culture. Yashua who is Chief Executive officer at…
34 mins ago
Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has assured Nigerians that it would only act in the national interest and won't bow to partisan whims and caprices in the conduct of the elections.
1 hour ago
83% of children in 15 countries report witnessing climate change or inequality, or both, affecting the world around them, according to a major Save the Children survey released ahead of a series of critical meetings of world leaders.
2 hours ago
The Super Eagles will confront the senior national team of Costa Rica in a prestigious international friendly in the country’s capital, San Jose on November 9.