Thursday, 21st October 2021
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Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo

2 Oct
It’s surprising to see just how many people get to the much-coveted position of leading a team without really having a clue about leadership.
24 Jul
According to Alexa, it is currently 28.3 degrees in my kitchen. According to Google, the ideal indoor temperature is 23 degrees.
26 Jun
Following the murder of Chief Executive Officer of Super TV Michael Usifo Ataga and the arrest of 21-year-old University of Lagos student Chidinma, who was allegedly his girlfriend and killed him after he got violent....
3 Apr
April is one of my favourite times of the year. While the Spring equinox is officially in March, for me it is the first day of April that heralds the end of a season and the start of a new one.
6 Mar
“It is a man’s world…” goes the lyrics of the infamous James Brown’s song. Perhaps, not the best way to start an article two days before International Women’s Day. Do bear with me though.
13 Feb
After a three-week marathon of my life lessons, today marks the end of the 40 odd lessons I’ve learned in 40 odd years I am happy to share.
6 Feb
Another weekend, another set of life lessons as I make my way down the list of what I’ve learned so far in my forty odd years in this world.
23 Jan
As you read these lines, I will be jumping headfirst into a weekend of festivities – under lockdown 3.0 in the UK. Albeit mainly indoors, a birthday is a cause for celebration.
2 Jan
Today is technically just another day, but it is laden with such a great burden of human expectations because that’s how we humans operate, putting so much weight on a day because of the number on the calendar.
12 Dec 2020
“You can’t help those who can’t help themselves,” goes the old adage. You definitely can’t help those who make their private business everyone’s business and then a couple of days and high level interventions later, ask you to “mind your business and leave my family alone.”
21 Nov 2020
There are quite a few thousand things I don’t identify with in the world. For example, I do not identify as male. I don’t identify as black, or LGBTQ.
31 Oct 2020
There is plenty of negativity in the world that it’s getting harder these days to find good news, but there is still some, as we discovered with Comic Relief’s announcement this week.


1 day ago
  From meeting lifestyle needs to blazing new trails, itel is continuously proving its dominance in the smartphone industry. The global smartphone and accessories brand has been in the news in recent weeks for yet again delivering on its promise to tailor its products to meet the everyday needs of users, laced with superior technology,…
1 day ago
itel S17 Has It All! Big Battery, Beautiful Design, Amazing Features Just For You There are smartphones, and then there is the itel S17, a smartphone that has the three B’s consumers look out for. The itel S17 has a big battery, big screen, beautiful design, and other amazing features selfie smartphone lovers would fall…
1 day ago
Leroy Sane struck twice in the second half to inspire Bayern Munich to a 4-0 win at Benfica on Wednesday, as the German giants maintained their perfect record in the Champions League group stage this season.
1 day ago
Gerard Pique sparked Barcelona's flailing Champions League campaign into life on Wednesday by scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win over Dynamo Kiev, a victory that was witnessed by a half-empty Camp Nou.
1 day ago
The Taliban agreed Wednesday to work with Russia, China and Iran on regional security after the Kremlin warned of emerging Islamic State and drug-trafficking threats in the wake of the hardline group's takeover in Afghanistan.