Tuesday, 26th September 2023
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18 Jul
Acne can affect more than just your skin— even mild breakouts can make you feel less confident, uncomfortable and embarrassed about your skin.
28 Mar
Everyone wants glowing skin and strives for ways to get it. There is no perfect skin. But glowing skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin has an even complexion and fewer blemishes. A certified dermatologist, Dr. Mona Gohara, notes that healthy skin “translates into a well-hydrated, super moisturized complexion with just the right touch of…
19 Sep 2022
Health is wealth, but do you not think that it begins with healthy glowing skin? When we mention nutritious cuisine, it does not need to be fancy or expensive. Or, what response do you get when you enquire of that friend or famous person about the trick to her flawless skin? plentiful fresh fruit? We…
21 Aug 2022
You may ask, what colour looks best on me? Figuring out the colour that suits your skin can be difficult as it is easy to assume your colours based on what suits the people around you or what you prefer. Since most people tend to ignore the importance of finding the colour that flatters their…
14 Apr 2022
Lafiya Telehealth in conjunction with Tyto Care, is set to accelerate the depth of clinical care given through telemedicine in Nigeria. The partnership brings an integration of their services to enable remote examinations with live streaming, information from Tyto Care Home kits and consequently allow for a more precise and detailed prognosis and early diagnosis.…
25 Jul 2021
Whenever we check our social media, on the road and we always see the skin of women. We are also shown the advertisement of products that makes our skin glow but when we check the price, we take a step back. Imagine coming across a product that is more than you can originally afford; it…
20 Apr 2021
Beautiful smooth skin is the goal for so many, who wouldn't want their skin to pop. In a bid to get smooth skin, many have used different skin treatments that never seem to work, especially chemical treatments that end up messing up the skin. Best known for shrinking pores and easing inflammation, Witch Hazel is…
14 Mar 2021
With everyone becoming more concerned about the ingredients found in their beauty and skincare products, Formaldehyde has come under scrutiny. Often used as a preservative in beauty products, Formaldehyde has been earmarked as a harsh chemical when used on the skin. The question of how concerned we should be about the use of Formaldehyde in…
2 Nov 2020
It is morning, time for another day, and another step towards achieving your goals. However, before you start your day, first improve on your morning skincare routine. Your skincare routine is not just about the products you are using, but the order you use them. By applying skincare products in the most effective way, you’re…
16 Oct 2020
Much more than just a healthy breakfast, oatmeal gives us much to be excited about. Oatmeal is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lipids. Many scientific studies have been carried out on the benefits of oatmeal and demonstrate that oatmeal has a sustainable moisturizing effect. They're an excellent homemade remedy that can make your…
8 Oct 2020
So many times, it has been advised to avoid the use of chemicals on your face. This is to avoid unnecessary breakouts that may be dangerous to your skin. However, there are some everyday home items that are beneficial and you will not need to break the bank to get. One of these items is…
7 Sep 2020
Everybody knows the advantages of eating well and getting all the necessary vitamins, preferably from natural products and not as supplements. Luckily, we can get almost everything through the food we eat. However, one important fruit that is important for the skin is the Kiwi fruit. The fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C,…


9 mins ago
On Monday, the U.S. Consulate General, in collaboration with Ascend Studios Foundation, celebrated the successful completion of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Returned Migrant training program.
16 mins ago
Ogun State Police Command has arraigned the impeached chairman of the Ijebu East Local Government (LGA), Wale Adedayo.
24 mins ago
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday that the world was plunging into a new nuclear arms race and warned of the shadow of "annihilation" hanging over the world.
31 mins ago
The FCT Minister, Mr Nyesom Wike, says a six-man committee has been set up to resolve the lingering dispute between local government employees and the six Area Councils in the FCT.
40 mins ago
Three aggrieved traders, on Tuesday, asked an Ikeja High Court to restrain the authority of Mainland Local Government from evicting and demolishing a popular White Sand Market at Oyingbo, Lagos State.