Thursday, 29th February 2024

Steve Wozniak

9 Nov
Steve Wozniak, the renowned co-founder of tech giant Apple, was hospitalized in Mexico City on Wednesday, sparking conflicting reports regarding his condition. The 73-year-old scientist and tech entrepreneur was attending the World Business Forum in the Santa Fe neighbourhood of the Mexican capital. Initial reports suggested that Wozniak was admitted to the hospital after he…


12 mins ago
Kylian Mbappe will face former club Monaco for the final time as a Paris Saint-Germain player on Friday, provided coach Luis Enrique selects his star player.
14 mins ago
The US Supreme Court agreed on Wednesday to hear Donald Trump's claim that, as a former president, he is immune from prosecution, further delaying his trial on charges of conspiring to overturn the 2020 election.
17 mins ago
Ghana's parliament voted to pass a controversial bill to severely restrict LGBTQ rights on Wednesday in a move condemned by activists.
2 hours ago
A "general search" of vehicles and passersby was underway late Wednesday in Chad's capital after gunfire erupted near an opposition party's headquarters. The sound of automatic weapons fire earlier in the day prompted people to leave the area in the centre of N'Djamena where the Socialist Party Without Borders' (PSF) main office had been surrounded…
3 hours ago
At least over 50 per cent of what Nigeria earns from the sale of crude oil and gas is going into crude production. That translates to an average of $1.7 billion monthly for a country that is in economic mess. 
3 hours ago
After taking the wind off the sail of a well-mobilised protest with an abrupt suspension, president of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, yesterday said that they could not proceed with the two-day nationwide protest due to intimidation and threats.
3 hours ago
The deadline for the linkage of subscribers Identification module (SIM) cards to National Identification Number (NIN) ended yesterday as directed by the Federal Government through the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).
3 hours ago
Endless politicking and routine power struggle in Rivers State have been breeding divisions, gangs and attendant insecurity to the compromise of economic development in the oil-rich state.
3 hours ago
Continued spread of Lassa fever in the country has raised concerns among stakeholders on measures to contain it, citing the need to intensify campaigns about personal and environmental hygiene.
3 hours ago
Nigeria, yesterday, said about $17.64 billion worth of oil field development plan was approved last year to deliver oil and gas recovery estimated at 2.12 billion barrels and 13.13 trillion cubic feet respectively in the next five years.