Saturday, 13th August 2022
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8 Aug
So let’s rail off Christian Grey for a second. There are over 500 shades of grey identifiable by the human eye and they can make for a fashion statement when done right. When you think grey, you would almost always think of office suits and sweat pants. A seemingly unattractive and conservative colour with a…
17 Jul
Can someone please call the fashion police because a certain strong and powerful black woman is slaying both the streets and the Instagram feeds of millions across the world? Ever since fashion blogger and wife to Steve Harvey, Majorie Harvey, stepped into the public’s eyes, she has served us with iconic fashion looks that are…
2 Jul
Beauty and sophistication are not in half nudity or revealing dresses but properly tailored outfits that cover up every part of the body that should be clothed. Still wondering what this is about
3 May
If there's one piece of clothing that will never fail you, it's a graphic tee. Are you going to see a movie? Hang out with friends? A graphic tee's got you.  Better still, just switch up the graphic, and you've made a statement! You could have a graphic t-shirt with your favourite anime character, or…
18 Mar
Hold up! Before you wear that shirt, blouse, or dress you have picked out, you need to read this article. When it comes to selecting the perfect outfit, it is inadvisable to make a decision solely based on taste, because there are other important factors to consider. In the spirit of preparing you for the…
26 Sep 2021
Tunde Owolabi, quit his day job to embrace Africa’s gift of Aso-oke, and is steadily attracting African culture enthusiasts. In this interview with the Guardian Life, he talks about his drive, how Aso-oke chose him and what makes it special to him. A not-so-little birdie told us that Ethnik was inspired by your love for…
13 Sep 2021
Today’s fashion is becoming less body type and more style. Following this new development, baggy wear has become one of the top fashion trends in both male and female fashion trends worldwide. Baggy wears, especially oversized shirts are fast becoming the new sexy, and here’s a style guide on how you can make a fashion…
8 Aug 2021
It was all about fashion and style as friends, family, and fashion enthusiasts graced the Habi_fab and Deefab Global Fashion Show at Opebi to support their own.
31 Jul 2021
Handbags are a woman’s best friend; they help her carry her ‘world’ wherever she goes. It is one of her most trusted companions.
13 Jun 2021
Whether you’re cleaning out your closet and starting from scratch, or want to step up your style game, read through our list of wardrobe essentials chic women are wearing this season. Power suit Nothing says “I mean business” quite like a power suit. It is something every woman should have in her wardrobe for that…
30 May 2021
As a busy parent, creating the time to ensure that your children stay fashionable can be hard but it is necessary to find the time. Wearing stylish clothes can help to boost your children's confidence and just as you don't have to break the bank, keeping your children stylish should not too. Here are some…
17 May 2021
We bet you might already be hunting for the summery dresses and bikinis you’ll be wearing once the sun and blue skies are out. Summer is around the corner, which means there are a bunch of trends to entertain, and if you’re ready to start building your summer wardrobe, keep reading to find out the…


22 mins ago
Baby weaning can be tricky, and finding the right food for them takes a lot of careful consideration.  In many Nigerian homes, brown pap is one of the first foods introduced during baby weaning. Depending on the tribe, pap has several names; the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria call it Akamu, the Yorubas call it…
1 hour ago
Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti on Saturday said he was surprised that German midfielder Toni Kroos did not feature on the list of 30 finalists for the Ballon d'Or.
1 hour ago
Volunteer firefighters have been called up from their day jobs all over France this summer to help battle wildfires.
1 hour ago
One person died and dozens more were injured early Saturday as powerful winds hit a music festival near the Spanish resort of Valencia, causing the stage to partially collapse, medics said.
2 hours ago
Professor Christopher Imumolen, the presidential candidate of the Accord Party, believes that only a candidate who is unaffiliated to a sect can solve the effects vested by terrorism on the Nigerian economy. The effect of terrorist activities such as suicide bombings, kidnappings, destruction of lives, public infrastructure, private and entrepreneurial investments, the climate of fear,…