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Tobi Awodipe

5 May 2018
More than ever, it has become imperative that as a parent, you be the first and primary custodian of your child’s trust, in light of today’s jet set age. If they can trust you with the little things, you can be sure they’ll come to you with the big things.
31 Mar 2018
It is a few hours to the big day and for a lot of us that gave up meat, chicken, turkey and so on for Lent, you might have forgotten how these tastes, but not to worry...
24 Mar 2018
Talent can be described simply as a natural aptitude or skill at something. Most of us are born with one or more talents but most never identify or hone the said talents.
30 Sep 2017
There is nothing new under the sun” is certainly a phrase that applies to fashion. Styles and trends come and go and while we might think something is ‘new’ or ‘different’, best believe it has already been done before.
9 Sep 2017
As any fashion enthusiast would tell you, everyday is a good day to look good. In this light, as a gift to you, we have sifted through different stylish bits of advice, talked to some experts and have put together these tips.....
12 Aug 2017
It is no secret that times are a bit difficult and the economy is forcing many of us to put things in proper perspective.
6 May 2017
Almost everyone is a fan of jumpsuits and even though we don’t wear them everyday, most people love how fancy they look and how this one piece can make a complete outfit. As a dress, it’s one and done.
18 Feb 2017
As Nigeria joined the rest of the world in marking Safer Internet Day this week, concerns over how to keep children who are internet-savvy, safe, is brought to the fore again, even as cases of rape, abuse
18 Feb 2017
Day to night dresses are a versatile addition to any wardrobe and are very necessary considering the fact that most of us do not have the time to change clothes several times in a day.
27 Aug 2016
The economy is not friendly for a lot of people right now and doing anything major is out of the question for most of us but sometimes, you just have to go ahead and make some minor changes to your home whether you like it or not.


2 mins ago
Marriage enrichment is not primarily for problematic marriages, but for married couples who want their marriage to grow.
3 mins ago
Every generation has a responsibility to mentor the next generation to ensure that they are not carried away by deception and wrong social vices.
5 mins ago
Damon Galgut published his first novel when he was 18 years of age. As usual for such early displays of genius, nobody, least of all the writer, wants to talk of it today.
9 mins ago
Suffering and sickness
10 mins ago
The children of Israel at this period of their lives’ journey were going through series of challenges. The level of poverty that greeted the land was so severe and excruciating that people resorted to killing their children for food.