Wednesday, 1st December 2021
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Tola Winjobi

15 Dec 2019
Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and human rights groups have raised the alarm over closing space for their operations in the country, especially in the area of unhindered discharge in their call of promotion of civil liberties.


3 mins ago
From the World Cup in Qatar to the midterm elections in the United States, here are six events which are likely to mark the coming year.
9 mins ago
Get in on the Festive Cheer! December¬† is packed with titles that will have you enjoying the festivities with so much movie options to binge on, from ¬†A Naija Christmas, the story of a mother's Christmas wish and the grand prize that comes with it which sets off a fierce competition between her sons, to…
11 mins ago
Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, on Wednesday confirmed its first cases of the new Covid-19 variant, saying it had been found among three passengers who had travelled to South Africa.
21 mins ago
South African pharma giant Aspen said Tuesday it has reached an agreement in principle with US-based Johnson & Johnson paving the way for an anti-Covid vaccine "made in Africa for Africa".
29 mins ago
The covid pandemic really put a dent to travellers and travelling in several ways but one major dent is that cost of travelling. In the past, it was pretty much straight forward. If you had to travel, you apply for your visa (if you had to travel to a country which does not have the…