Wednesday, 29th March 2023
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21 Feb
Most people are aware that they should factor their calorie intake into their weight-loss or weight-gain efforts. The amount of energy in food or the tissues of the body is measured in calories. Usually, it is suggested to eat fewer calories or to burn more calories through activity in order to reduce weight. The claim…
29 Dec
Researchers say nightshade plants such as potatoes and tomatoes could be sources for new cancer drugs.
19 Sep 2022
Health is wealth, but do you not think that it begins with healthy glowing skin? When we mention nutritious cuisine, it does not need to be fancy or expensive. Or, what response do you get when you enquire of that friend or famous person about the trick to her flawless skin? plentiful fresh fruit? We…
4 Jun 2022
Tomatoes are classified as fruits by science because fruits contain a single or more seeds and are produced by a plant's bloom. Tomatoes grow from small yellow blossoms on the vine and naturally contain a large number of seeds, just like other real fruits. These seeds will be gathered and utilized to grow additional tomato…
28 May 2022
Container and vertical gardens are two fantastic ways to manage to have your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs in a small space and yield produce as if you had a large space.
22 May 2022
Reapers Assembly (The City of Joy) in collaboration with Divine Treasures Fellowship has donated foodstuffs and medicals to families and residents of Adeba-Lakowe community in Lagos.
30 Mar 2022
The common social concerns are the high mortality rate, poverty and malnutrition in the country. But for the concerns that bother on health, the advice is usually to reduce fats
14 Mar 2022
Federal Government, at the weekend, expressed concern over failure by farmers to meet yearly target of three million metric tonnes of tomato for citizens, describing the current produce of 2.3 million metric tonnes as grossly inadequate.
30 May 2021
Stroke is one of the major public health problems in the world today. It is the third leading cause of death worldwide after ischemic heart disease and cancer. Interestingly, most of these stroke deaths are found in developing countries. The current prevalence of stroke in Nigeria is 1.14 per 1000 while the 30-day case fatality…
14 Jan 2021
The Price of tomatoes has dropped significantly in major markets in Enugu metropolis, compared to what it was during the Yuletide. A News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) market survey on Thursday shows that a big basket of UTC specie of the commodity now sells for N7,500 as against N11, 500. The small basket of the…
21 Dec 2020
Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, besides boosting your immune system, vitamin C can help stimulate collagen production. Tomatoes contain vitamin C and other antioxidants that could help your skin diminish fine lines and protect skin cells from damage caused by UV rays exposure. Cutting your tomato into half, applying some honey on…
20 Dec 2019
As the gap in efforts to produce enough food to feed the country’s increasing population continues to widen, experts have severally called for the innovation of agriculture


2 mins ago
The Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed a suit brought before it against Sen. Elisha Abbo challenging his candidacy as the All Progressives Congress (APC) representative for Adamawa North Senatorial District in the last National Assembly election. Justice Inyang Okoro in a unanimous judgment of a five-member panel of Justices dismissed the suit for lacking in…
30 mins ago
A couple living in Saint-Malo, France are awaiting a court verdict before going ahead to name their child “Hades”. Hades is a name made popular by the Greek mythological deity of the underworld. Kristina Desgres and Rodrigo Velasquez of Saint-Malo are the baby’s parent and they are yet to get court permission to name the…
38 mins ago
Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a serial sperm donor believed to have fathered 550 children, is facing a lawsuit from the Netherlands' Donorkind Foundation over allegations that his frequent donations are increasing the risk of accidental incest. The Telegraph reported Meijer is also accused of lying about the number of children he has fathered. A Dutch mother…
59 mins ago
The Nigeria Police has condemned the actions of one Habeeb Okikiola popularly known Portable in a viral video. Portable, according to the police, exhibited irrational behavior and hurled insults at officers carrying out their legal duty, an action that is punishable by the laws of Nigeria. Portable recently went live on Instagram showing when police…
1 hour ago
Nigerian actor Deyemi Okanlawon advised people who are not financially stable to stay off anything relating to a serious relationship. Deyemi in a tweet advised people to focus on themselves and their financial stability before committing to a serious relationship. He encouraged individuals to take a break from romantic engagements until they become financially buoyant.…