Thursday, 20th January 2022
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25 Jul
To a true believer, the doctrine of the Trinity is clear and easily perceived. For practical example: I can dress up as a Bishop. I can also dress up as a teacher in a classroom and as well
4 Jul 2021
Many Christians claim the blessings of Abraham. They are not wrong since they are actually our heritage by faith. But Abraham’s blessings are purchased by obedience
8 Nov 2020
The petition of the Collect for the day is revealing. In praying that God’s merciful ears be open to the prayers of His people, God is petitioned to make them (His people) ask such things as will please Him, so “that they may obtain their petitions.” It indicates the relationship between asking “such things as…
5 Jul 2020
The Petition of the Collect for today, Fourth Sunday After Trinity, is: “May we and all who have been admitted into the fellowship of faith in Christ
10 Nov 2019
The wise teachers of Israel mostly grounded their teachings on the duties and works of charity on the doctrine that: “Behind the poor, Yahweh their Creator and Lord himself is standing.” This means that the people’s attitude to God will be reflected in their attitudes to the poor, or rather that the people’s attitude towards…
29 Sep 2019
The above are the Bible answers to the question of what God requires of a man. The Bible, including the Old Testament, clearly does not project a mechanical and complicated system of rules, ceremonies, and rituals as the basic requirement for man’s right relationship with God.
18 Aug 2019
Envy, which literally means “to look at with evil intent...,” and also called “the Green-Eyed Monster” because it portrays someone who is looking so hard that his eyes turn green, is the uncomfortable feeling that one experiences when contemplating the good fortunes of another.
28 Jul 2019
In view of the petition of the day’s Prayer (Collect) that the “most excellent gift of love, the true bond of peace and of all virtues”, be poured into our hearts, we are meditating on the topic: “Clean Heart Frees.”
7 Jul 2019
Last week, we made mention of many people taking “the grace and freedom in Christ for lawlessness and licentiousness.” This is a very erroneous understanding and application of the Christian’s freedom. Freedom in Christ means freedom to produce the fruits of righteousness through a Spirit-led lifestyle. When a Christian is delivered from the pangs of…
9 Sep 2018
Introduction The theme of love, which we started last week, continues this week with the prayer (Collect) that we may love God with our whole heart and our neighbour as ourselves. Loving God is not exactly the same thing as loving man. Whereas loving man is more of bearing with him, even when most undeserving,…
19 Aug 2018
Introduction TODAY, we pray God to grant that His people “may know what they ought to do, and may have the grace faithfully to accomplish it” (The Collect for the day). From the religious experiences of the people of Israel, a case point of Saul and other Pharisees and Zealots, as well as other religious…
12 Aug 2018
Introduction Reconcilitaion, (katallagē in Greek), is rendered atonement by the Authorised Version of the Bible (Rom. 5:11). It is also regarded as one of the metaphors of Atonement in the New Testament Theology. According to John Stott, atonement “denotes either an action by which two conflicting parts are made “at one” (At + One +…


21 mins ago
British police on Thursday arrested two men over their alleged role in a hostage-taking by a British man at a synagogue in Texas last weekend. The men were arrested in Birmingham in central England and in Manchester in northwestern England on Thursday morning by counter-terrorism officers, Greater Manchester Police said in a tweet. The men…
59 mins ago
Telecom giants AT&T and Verizon began 5G service in the United States Wednesday without major disruptions to flights after the launch of the new wireless technology was scaled back. The firms spent tens of billions of dollars to obtain 5G licenses last year, but aviation industry groups have raised concerns about possible interference with airplanes'…
1 hour ago
Biyi Oloko, a British citizen of Nigerian descent and Conservative candidate, has won the Tilehurst South and Holybrook by-election in the United Kingdom. The Tilehurst South and Holybrook seat was run as a by-election after the death of incumbent councillor Peter Argyle, after 24 years of meritorious service. Oloko, the new Conservative councillor, who has…
1 hour ago
As the race for who eventually occupies the Dennis Osadebe House Asaba as the Number One Citizen of Delta State heightens, there appears to be a general consensus that Delta Central Senatorial District is poised to produce the next occupant, according to what has been loosely termed the Zoning Formula of the Ruling Party PDP.…
4 hours ago
Exactly a month after President Muhammadu Buhari declined assent to the 2021 Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill on the grounds of insecurity and cost of conducting direct primary,....