Wednesday, 1st February 2023
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24 Jul 2022
The heart is the seat of emotions and signifies the total inner self, a person’s hidden core of being (1 Peter 3:4). It is the genuine self, distinguished from appearance, public position and physical presence
26 Jun 2022
In the beginning God created” (Genesis 1:1). God is the omnipotent Creator! The name for “God” found in Genesis 1:1 is the Hebrew word “Elohim” (el-ō-heem).
12 Mar 2022
As dust from the rift between Santabella Music Empire and its manager Simon Trinity refuses to settle, the record label has officially distanced itself from Trinity
25 Jul 2021
To a true believer, the doctrine of the Trinity is clear and easily perceived. For practical example: I can dress up as a Bishop. I can also dress up as a teacher in a classroom and as well
4 Jul 2021
Many Christians claim the blessings of Abraham. They are not wrong since they are actually our heritage by faith. But Abraham’s blessings are purchased by obedience
8 Nov 2020
The petition of the Collect for the day is revealing. In praying that God’s merciful ears be open to the prayers of His people, God is petitioned to make them (His people) ask such things as will please Him, so “that they may obtain their petitions.” It indicates the relationship between asking “such things as…
5 Jul 2020
The Petition of the Collect for today, Fourth Sunday After Trinity, is: “May we and all who have been admitted into the fellowship of faith in Christ
10 Nov 2019
The wise teachers of Israel mostly grounded their teachings on the duties and works of charity on the doctrine that: “Behind the poor, Yahweh their Creator and Lord himself is standing.” This means that the people’s attitude to God will be reflected in their attitudes to the poor, or rather that the people’s attitude towards…
29 Sep 2019
The above are the Bible answers to the question of what God requires of a man. The Bible, including the Old Testament, clearly does not project a mechanical and complicated system of rules, ceremonies, and rituals as the basic requirement for man’s right relationship with God.
18 Aug 2019
Envy, which literally means “to look at with evil intent...,” and also called “the Green-Eyed Monster” because it portrays someone who is looking so hard that his eyes turn green, is the uncomfortable feeling that one experiences when contemplating the good fortunes of another.
28 Jul 2019
In view of the petition of the day’s Prayer (Collect) that the “most excellent gift of love, the true bond of peace and of all virtues”, be poured into our hearts, we are meditating on the topic: “Clean Heart Frees.”
7 Jul 2019
Last week, we made mention of many people taking “the grace and freedom in Christ for lawlessness and licentiousness.” This is a very erroneous understanding and application of the Christian’s freedom. Freedom in Christ means freedom to produce the fruits of righteousness through a Spirit-led lifestyle. When a Christian is delivered from the pangs of…


The Lawal family of Lawal village in the Baruwa area of Ipaja has denounced media reports depicting its members as suspected land grabbers that invaded the Shalom Group of Schools, a private school in the community.
12 mins ago
Operative of the Rivers State Police Command have confirmed arrest of six persons suspected to be armed bandits along Elele-Owerri road, during a stop and search operation.
13 mins ago
A magistrate’s Court sitting in Port Harcourt has convicted and sentenced a man identified as Goodluck Okasanya to 21 years in prison for conspiracy, child trafficking, and stealing.
14 mins ago
A suspected thug, identified as Idris, has been alleged of raping a Muslim woman inside a mosque in Iwo Road area of Ibadan, Oyo State. The development has triggered protests in the area.
15 mins ago
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), yesterday, arrested 63-year-old Suleiman Gbajabiamila.