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5 Apr 2019
Nigeria ranks 42nd out of 195 countries with the highest rate of diet-related deaths, with low intake of whole grains being the leading dietary risk factor for mortality and disease in Nigeria, United States (US), India, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Iran, and Turkey.
30 Mar 2019
In order to beat depression and have a more hopeful, positive attitude to life, rather than reach for antidepressant drugs that can have side effects, you can boost your mood by natural means. One way is through your diet. Certain foods contain the protein building-block, tryptophan, which the body uses to make serotonin, a chemical…
21 Mar 2019
The heart is such an important organ in the body that everything possible should be done to keep it working optimally all the time. The life and wellbeing of the individual depends on the good working condition of the heart always. Also, because of this importance, every human being and medical practitioners should have an…
23 Feb 2019
Most people have never heard of vitamin K. We need vitamin K for Vitamin D to work effectively. Vitamin D affects bones, teeth, the immune system, hormones and much more, and whenever D is working with calcium, it needs K to work. K2 aids D place calcium in the many places it needs to go.…
13 Feb 2019
A healthful diet can "significantly reduce" symptoms of depression. That's the definitive conclusion from a meta-analysis of existing randomized, clinical trials. Researchers have long suspected that a poor diet can lead to poor mental health. Although the underpinnings of mental health problems are complex, some scientists have suggested that "diet is as important to psychiatry…
7 Feb 2019
A salad is a dish of small pieces of sliced, grated or diced foods. More often than not, this food is made up of different vegetables. However, there are different types of salads that contain other foods such as cheese, noodles, sausages, beef, and chicken. The importance of salad lies in the fact that the…
7 Jan 2019
Multiple miscarriages may be linked to the poor quality of a man's sperm, suggests new research. The early-stage study, from scientists at Imperial College London, investigated the sperm quality of 50 men whose partners had suffered three or more consecutive miscarriages. The research, published in the journal Clinical Chemistry, revealed that, compared to men whose…
20 Dec 2018
How many people do you know that roll into New Year after their Christmas break, resembling one of the turkeys they ate over their break? Many people spend months trying watch what they eat and in the short Christmas break, they’ve thrown it all out the window and it’s back to the drawing board. Well…
23 Nov 2018
People with low testosterone may be able to raise their levels by eating certain foods, such as ginger, fatty fish, and some vegetables. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays a role in fertility, sexual function, bone health, and muscle mass. A person's testosterone level will fall naturally with age — by one to…
1 Nov 2018
Dr Abayomi Olaniyan is the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT), Ibadan. He has over 30 years of experience in agricultural/horticultural research. He talks with the Head, Agro-Economy Desk, FEMI IBIROGBA, on challenges of agriculture-based research institutes. He says vegetable farming has the potential to lucratively employ youths, provide sustainable…
18 Sep 2018
Fibre is a key element of a healthful diet. New research breaks down the mechanism by which it can delay age-related brain inflammation. Fibre can be found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, pulses, and whole-grain foods. If all the studies that urge people to consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains…
15 Sep 2018
The long vacation is gradually fading, while most schools resumed last week, others are yet to resume this Monday and maybe before September ends. What is most important is ensuring that your child’s fresh academic year is productive and worth the fees you pay. But then, a quick one! Did you enjoy your vacation with…


2 mins ago
Wife of Ekiti State Governor, Mrs Bisi Fayemi, has been described as mischievous rumours about her interest in contesting for a Senatorial seat in the state.
8 mins ago
Italy's warring parties were set Saturday to beg outgoing President Sergio Mattarella to stay for another term, fearing political chaos due to a possible failure to elect his successor.
19 mins ago
A former Ugandan ethics minister who championed a bill to introduce the death penalty for same-sex relationships and sought to regulate what women could wear died on Saturday, officials said.
37 mins ago
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says only public-spirited men and women of goodwill bring about national transformation. Osinbajo’s spokesman, Laolu Akande, in a statemen
1 hour ago
US President Joe Biden and Western leaders have described "unprecedented" economic penalties and sanctions "with massive consequences" in the event Russia invades Ukraine.