Sunday, 2nd April 2023
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W.F. Kumuyi

6 Dec 2020
The times are dangerous, insecure, trying, tempting, corrupting, critical and unsafe because the devil is working overtime to get believers off the narrow path that leads to Heaven.
15 Nov 2020
Faith is practical. It is seen in the lives of those that exercise it. And its benefits are too obvious for all observers to see. The Scripture reveals some saints or children of God who had sustaining faith.
25 Oct 2020
Of all the people in the scriptures, Daniel stands out as an exemplar of true faith and commitment to God. His purpose earlier in life was not superficial; the strength of his firm purpose carried him through till old age.
20 Sep 2020
The life of Moses should make us desire and follow the path of righteousness. By faith, he rejected: (1) Royalty. Moses was regarded as a son of Pharaoh’s daughter, yet he refused being an heir to the throne.
23 Aug 2020
Isaiah had been serving the Lord and ministering, but he was to be given a new commission with a wider scope. However, before he could receive that new assignment, there was a revelation of the Lord’s presence to him.
12 Jul 2020
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness…” Hunger and thirst implies asking and praying for righteousness. Hunger makes us to ask for food in the natural. So also, spiritual hunger makes a believer to pray so as to be filled and satisfied with righteousness.
21 Jun 2020
Like every other faithful minister of the gospel, Peter was concerned about the believers’ Christian life. Practical Christian living is as important as the sound doctrine taught in God’s Word.
31 May 2020
The power of God’s transforming grace revealed itself in the virtuous character of Daniel. “He was faithful.” His faithfulness attracted the favour of God and the commendation of the king. But this same faithfulness was construed as a crime by his envious colleagues.
10 May 2020
God has a judicial standard by which He measures and weighs the actions of all men. The divine observation, evaluation and verdict on Belshazzar teaches us that every human being of every class is under the accurate observation of God’s sleepless eye.
22 Apr 2020
It has been said that you can tame each day if you give yourself to meditation and planning as you wake from sleep in the first hours of the day before sunrise. The sages teach that in our troubled world, you can make or mar the day...
19 Apr 2020
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the three faithful worshippers of the living God refused to worship the image of the king of Babylon. Unafraid of the king’s fury and not intimidated by the terrors of the burning fiery furnace, they refused to give up the worship of God for the worship of the golden image.
29 Mar 2020
Daniel lived a triumphant life in Babylon. He lived a clean life in an unclean society, a holy life in an unholy society, a pure life in an impure nation, a righteous life in an idolatrous environment, an undefiled life in the midst of moral decadence and defilement.


1 day ago
Aston Villa climbed above Chelsea and into the top half of the Premier League table with a 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.
1 day ago
Fourteen miners were missing and feared dead in Burundi on Saturday after flash floods swept into a pit where they were searching for gold, the local government administrator told AFP.
1 day ago
Policing the "city that never sleeps" is no easy task even on a typical day -- so New York law enforcement agencies are taking no chances ahead of Donald Trump's high-profile court appearance next week, bracing for protests for and against the first indictment ever of a former US president.
1 day ago
Iranian authorities ordered the arrest of two women, the judiciary said Saturday, after a viral video appeared to show them being attacked by a man for not wearing the hijab.
1 day ago
President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the amendment of the 2022/2023 Deep Offshore oil block mini-bid process to accommodate concerns raised by potential local and international investors.