Sunday, 24th October 2021
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12 May
China has attempted to play down the so-called “leaked documents” which have been used to suggest that its scientists discussed the weaponisation of coronavirus five years before the Covid-19 pandemic began. While officials are yet to issue a statement on the matter, the state-run Global Times newspaper lashed out at The Australian for their report…
10 Mar
I analysed in the last installment the “Wuhan inquiry” and its outcome. In this part, I will further the discussion on the quest to unravel the origin of the virus
5 Mar
The World Health Organization has scrapped plans for a team that visited Wuhan, China to probe the origins of the coronavirus pandemic to issue an interim report, The Wall Street Journal reported late Thursday.
3 Feb
World Health Organization inspectors on Wednesday visited a laboratory in China's Wuhan city at the heart of a controversial theory that it could have been the source of the coronavirus.
31 Jan
A team of WHO experts investigating the origins of Covid-19 visited a market in Wuhan on Sunday where one of the first reported clusters of infections emerged over a year ago.
29 Jan
Experts from the World Health Organization visited a Wuhan hospital Friday as the fieldwork began in a closely watched coronavirus origins probe that will take in a food market presumed to be "ground zero" of the pandemic.
28 Jan
A team of experts from the World Health Organization left quarantine in Wuhan on Thursday to begin a heavily scrutinised probe into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, after Washington urged a "robust and clear" investigation.
14 Jan
A team of experts from the World Health Organization arrived in Wuhan Thursday to probe the origins of the coronavirus more than a year after it emerged, although two members were barred from boarding a flight in Singapore after testing positive for virus antibodies.
6 Jan
In part 21 of this serial, I had observed that: “There was a dose of conspiracy theory and ill-fated moves to accuse the US of being responsible for the outbreak of COVID-19 to destabilize its rivals...
30 Dec 2020
The number of coronavirus cases in the Chinese city where the pathogen was first detected may have been 10 times higher than official figures suggest, according to a study by health authorities in Wuhan.
23 Dec 2020
The World Health Organization's international mission to China to investigate the origins of Covid-19 will explore all avenues and is not looking to find "guilty" parties, a team member told AFP.
23 Nov 2020
At a time when coronavirus no longer thundered from Wuhan but rumbled all over the continents, at a time when the world is awash with oil glut, and traders are quickly running out of places to put it


14 mins ago
In October 2020, the eyes of the World were on Nigeria as the #EndSARS protests – the largest anti-government protests in a generation – took on corrupt elites. The demonstrations began as a movement against police brutality but rapidly snowballed into wider calls for government reforms – in particular, greater accountability. If nothing else, the…
1 hour ago
Glenfiddich, the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Whisky, earlier this year unveiled Grande Couronne, the newest addition to its Grand Series. The maverick whisky brand continues to challenge conventions with the unexpected marriage of two luxury worlds. The bottle and packaging are adorned with ornamental gold filigree, whilst exquisite artwork reminiscent of great renaissance paintings…
1 hour ago
The British High Commission in Nairobi on Sunday said it was "fully cooperating" with a police investigation into the 2012 murder of a Kenyan woman last seen with a British soldier.
3 hours ago
President Muhammadu Buhari will on Monday depart for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to participate in the investment conference organised by the Future Investment Initiative Institute.
3 hours ago
If you ignore the poor audio quality of Gulder Ultimate Search: The Age of Craftsmanship, the latest instalment of the once most-watched reality show on Nigerian television, long before BBNaija established itself as a cultural staple, what viewers are treated to is a desperate, off-brand, wonky production, from a team that has lost touch with the…