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1.83 million subscribers dump network operators


From 2013 to 2018, a total of 1,830,483 subscribers exchanged their network providers through the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) scheme.

MNP, which was launched in Nigeria in April 2013, is a service that allows a cellphone or smartphone customer to change the telecom carrier and keep the same phone number.

NCC’s 2018 Subscribers/Network Data Report, showed that EMTS, which operates as 9Mobile in Nigeria had the highest count of port-in subscribers (521,999) from other networks while Airtel, MTN, and Globacom got the following (222,812); (90,777), and (88,707) respectively between 2013 and 2018.


Within the period under review, the 2018 report showed that MTN had the highest number of subscribers that ported-out (384,061) to other networks while Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile got the following (218,728); (185,367), and (118,032) respectively.

But the total number of Port-In numbers from other networks between December 2017 and year-end 2018 for the four major mobile (GSM) operators stood at 95,606; while the total of Port -Out numbers to other networks within the period for the quartet operators stood at 94,556.

The statistics revealed that the telecommunications operators recorded 9.5 billion outgoing SMS in the 12 months period. The 9.5 billion SMS were only those sent within the country (local), as the operators also recorded 51.5 million outgoing international SMS.

Meanwhile, in line with the Subscriber Identification Module card registration exercise mandated by the commission, mobile operators as of December 2018 had registered a total of 257,819,527 subscribers in the country.

According to NCC, MTN had registered over 100 million; Globacom close to 60 million; Airtel about 75 million and 9Mobile about 50 million subscribers.

As of December 2018, active subscription to LTE/WIMAX stood at 12,761,473 as reported by MTN, Glo, Airtel, EMT, Smile, and Ntel.

MTN had the highest number of active 4G subscriptions with 5,760,328, Airtel- 4,412,299; Glo- 911,701; EMTS- 901,771; Smile 538,308; and Ntel-237,066 of 4G subscriptions.


In terms of the mobile-cellular machine to machine subscriptions that are assigned for use in machines and devices for the exchange of data between networked devices, and are not part of a consumer subscription, as at December 2018 the number of mobile-cellular machine-machine subscriptions as reported by MTN, Glo and EMTS was 598,010. EMTS had the highest number of machine to machine subscriptions with 302,017, MTN had 162,060 while GLO recorded the least subscriptions with 133,933.

The report also made mention of Mobile Voice Traffic trend. It disclosed that as of December 2018 total outgoing local and national traffic was 121,935,927,123.15, while total incoming local and national traffic was 107,352,541,744.62. MTN had the highest total outgoing and incoming traffic of 90,569,577,625 and 87,055,450,054 respectively in 2018.

For the same period, total outgoing mobile to international traffic was 817,861,175.80 while total incoming mobile to international traffic was 1,517,597,253.73. MTN reported the highest outgoing Traffic of 488,667,550.87 and the highest
Incoming Traffic of 1,071,081,222.10 for the period under review.

The 2018 network report also did a spotlight on the number of Base Stations and towers across the country. The top five states with highest number of base stations are Lagos- 4,764; Ogun- 1,931; Rivers- 1,676; FCT- 1,684 and Oyo-1,303; while the states with the least number of base stations are: Yobe-205; Zamfara-223; Gombe 286; Jigawa- 289; and Kebbi- 298.

NCC noted that the number of existing base stations in the country invariably affects the quality of service (QOS) within the country thereby positively impacting the level of telephone penetration within the nation, which equates to attracting foreign investment and growth in the telecoms industry.

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