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5G seen as an innovation engine by executives in key industries

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21 September 2016   |   3:21 am
A new global report from Ericsson reveals the anticipated impact of 5G, the next generation mobile technology, on specific industries. It examines how these industries expect to apply 5G..


A new global report from Ericsson reveals the anticipated impact of 5G, the next generation mobile technology, on specific industries. It examines how these industries expect to apply 5G, which specific uses of the new technology are likely to dominate in their industry, and what business reasons will drive them to move to 5G.

The report captures the opinions of more than 650 executives globally – including Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Marketing Officerss, and other heads of IT Infrastructure – from the eight key industries most likely to be impacted by 5G: automotive, utilities, public safety, high-tech manufacturing, Internet/digital natives, healthcare, financial services, and media/gaming.

A majority of these decision-makers depend on and actively invest in communications technology to help drive innovation. Looking ahead, 94 per cent rate next-generation mobile networks as important to the strategic development of their business. Responding to disruption from emerging technologies – such as M2M communications, broadband connectivity, cloud service, and mobile – is a key driving force behind business innovation within the respondents’ companies and industries. A large majority indicated they intend to make significant changes to their businesses in order to take advantage of 5G when it arrives.

Head of Region North America and Chief Strategy Officer, Rima Qureshi, said: “Emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, are becoming integral parts of our economy and lifestyle, and this is driving major change across industries. 5G will accelerate this transformation and create new uses, new revenue streams, and new business models for industries and consumers alike. With 5G, industries will have connectivity that is customized for their requirements and the agility to move quickly to meet customer needs and be innovative.”
Highlights from the report include:

Automotive: Cars will rely on high-performance, secure networks
Increased performance, increased security and device-to-device communications are expected to be the areas where 5G provides real business value. The connected car is the major trend in the auto industry, and while many are looking ahead to self-driving systems, enhanced GPS with instant traffic and map updates is the most favored use for 5G globally.

Utilities: 5G will help cut costs, secure facilities
Increased productivity, faster introduction of new products and services to consumers, and boosted efficiency are key business drivers for utility companies to adopt 5G. Remote monitoring and maintenance through sensors is seen as the top benefit as many utilities look to protect valuable assets located in distant and sometimes hazardous locations.

Public safety: 5G will improve citizens’ experience, security
Public safety organizations expect 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help keep citizens safe while spending as few taxpayer dollars as possible. A total of 96 percent say they are already investing to take advantage of these technologies. They look to new networks to expand capabilities in connected devices and for network slicing through 5G to provide secure priority communications during an emergency.

High-tech manufacturers: Reach peak productivity with 5G
With disruption from new entrants and business processes threatening the manufacturing industry, the majority of companies plan to take advantage of 5G technologies to increase productivity, improve the customer experience and introduce new products and services to consumers faster. Many expect 5G to help manage risks through monitoring of assets and improving remote site safety and security.

Internet/Digital Natives: Build customer loyalty with 5G
The online stores, social networks, digital organization and collaboration tools, and travel and ride-sharing services included in this category seek out cutting-edge technology to help them stay relevant, attract new customers, and build brand loyalty. A total of 96 percent confirm they are investing to take advantage of 5G, and that an enhanced customer experience is the leading expected benefit.

Healthcare: 5G promises to improve quality of life
A significant majority of healthcare executives surveyed expect 5G to allow them to implement new services and products that will improve quality of life for the public and 94 percent said they will make significant changes to their business to take advantage of 5G networks. Additionally, healthcare executives think that security is just as important as performance in terms of 5G business value.

Financial Services: 5G will enhance productivity, customer satisfaction
The financial services industry expects 5G to boost real-time mobile trading and high frequency trading. With security top-of-mind in the financial world, though, 84 per cent of financial services executives expressed even greater interest in 5G’s potential for powering more secure transactions.

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