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BCX, CISCO new solution reduces OPEX by 70%

By Editor
01 November 2017   |   4:10 am
An end-to-end technology solution provider, BCX, has inked a partnership deal with networking giant CISCO.

Managing Director, BCX Nigeria, Ayo Adegboye

An end-to-end technology solution provider, BCX, has inked a partnership deal with networking giant CISCO.

This partnership is in the introduction of a new business solution that is programmed to help customers reduce the total cost of running their businesses by as much as 70 per cent.

Managing Director, BCX Nigeria, Ayo Adegboye, while addressing technology companies at the business collaborative forum in Lagos, explained that most businesses driven by technology, invest so much in IT, without achieving the commensurate returns on investment, a situation he said, has grounded several businesses in the past, while some are still struggling to make ends meet.

He said the best way to address the situation was for businesses to embrace innovation that would drive growth and returns on investment.

“It is for this reason that BCX and Cisco have collaborated to provide new model of business solutions that will cut down cost of running businesses, as much as 70 per cent,” Adegboye said.

Channel Manager, CISCO Nigeria, Isioma Udeozo, explained the the need for businesses to adopt innovative solution that would help them save money on Operational Expenditure (OPEX) and deploy solutions that would ease their businesses.

In her presentation, Senior Presales Specialist, BCX, Abiola Adefila, spoke on innovative solutions put together through the collaboration of BCX and CISCO that would further empower organisations’ workforce, create digital organisation, reduce operational cost and address all transaction processes.

She said both companies have come up with new business solutions for digital network like Business Agility Solution; Software Defined Access Solution; Software Defined Wide Area Network Solution; Software Defined Analytics, among others solutions that provide services on demand and as well help business managers to save money and business time, which she said, were critical to business survivability and growth.

She further said the new solutions could manage several branches from a single point and allow business managers to understand what is going on in each location, using a single interface.

“The solutions help businesses to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) technology that will drive business scalability and lead to faster operations of devices within minutes. The solutions also reduce video conferencing cost by using Intelligent Wide Area Network (IWAN) to reduce cost of bandwidth, manage allocation application in order to reduce cost of doing businesses. The CISCO DNA leverages on existing infrastructure to reduce total cost of running businesses,” Adefila said.

According to her, businesses must begin to learn how to reduce bandwidth cost in business by using latest technology solutions to address the challenges of keeping customer services in different locations and frequently increasing bandwidth to meet the demand from the different customer locations.

She said all devices used in organisations must be digitally ready to help customers maintain their existing bandwidth efficiently, instead of regularly increasing bandwidth that would definitely increase operational cost.

She further explained that the essence of collaboration between the two global technology giants, was to help organisations reduce cost of managing businesses, using innovative business solutions from BCX and CISCO.