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Experts want women to bridge digital gap, leverage tech for jobs

By Cleopatra Eki
20 June 2018   |   4:28 am
Experts have urged women to leverage the digital space for information communications technology (ICT) jobs.

PHOTO: VenturesAfrica

Experts have urged women to leverage the digital space for information communications technology (ICT) jobs.

The call was made at a technology forum in Lagos, with the aim of empowering Nigerian women to optimise their innate potential and develop capabilities to achieve success through collaboration and empowerment.

Speaking at the event, Responsibility Leader, African & Middle East, Commins, Carole Wanjau, pointed out that since “we are in a digital age, women should take up technical and digital jobs instead of leaving them for their male- counterparts. They should be willing to take risk and be adventurous.”

Another speaker, Founder Alan& Grant, Gbenga Totoyi, noted that globalisation was having a toll on women and companies, “but there are new crop of jobs in the digital space that they can leverage. Women must not limit themselves and accept different career paths. With support system in the globalised era, there are lot of jobs in Africa like Kenya and other part of the world.”

According to him, there are different generational gaps between traditional and digital technology age, which have resulted in a lot of confusion with our people and companies.

Totoyi charged organisations, old and young women, professionals and entrepreneurs to mentor and support at least five girls from their old schools, communities and neighborhood for five years to enable them add to nation-building positively. He urged human resource professionals to accept third- class graduates who are sometimes more skillful and smarter than the first-class graduates’ materials in some cases.

Among the companies present, which provided opportunities for recruiting, mentoring and networking were Sahara Group, Unilever, Etiwa Vocational Training Limited, Ikeja Electric Distribution Plc.

The high point of the event saw participants given scholarships; grant opportunities, empowerment, and networking and career counseling initiatives.

Participants were further exposed to recruitment opportunities, internship and mentoring and one-on-one coaching.