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How Sendchamp is solving communication challenges of businesses – Co-founder

By Guardian Nigeria
13 December 2022   |   2:50 am
In this interview, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sendchamp, Goodness Kayode, explains how the start-up is helping companies to communicate with their customers using multiple platforms. Can you tell us about yourself and your company? My name is Goodness Kayode, Co-founder and CEO of Sendchamp. I am a software engineer.  Damilola Olotu and I started…

Sendchamp co-founder Goodness Kayode.

In this interview, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sendchamp, Goodness Kayode, explains how the start-up is helping companies to communicate with their customers using multiple platforms.

Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

My name is Goodness Kayode, Co-founder and CEO of Sendchamp. I am a software engineer.  Damilola Olotu and I started Sendchamp in 2021 with the sole aim of making it easy for businesses to communicate with their customers on several channels from one place. Our goal is to enable businesses to acquire, retain and sell more to their customers from different messaging platforms in one place.

What is the story behind your company?

Before Sendchamp, I ran a software agency where solutions were built for businesses/ Startups. While building solutions there was a common problem which was that for every solution built there was a need to integrate two or more channels which led us every single time to go through finding and researching several providers. In Africa, today SMS platforms are more rampant, but customers choice has evolved, and they interact with businesses in a more dynamic way.

Essentially, we were faced with key issues like having to work with multiple providers, limited channels, limited communication services, regulation and very stressful integration process.  This was a very big problem, so we took it upon ourselves to fix the communication problems encountered by businesses in Africa.

From there Sendchamp was born to create a seamless solution for businesses to be able to communicate with their customers from whatever channels they are, in one place either WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, TikTok, Voice and Email.

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

Essentially our goal is to connect more African businesses to the global economy by solving communication problems for businesses and their customers in Africa.

So, in the next five years Sendchamp would have grown to be a valuable and major omnichannel communication solution provider for businesses from small businesses up to enterprise businesses. This includes businesses which sell to their customers either through Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp down to businesses heavily reliant on SMS, Voice, USSD and so on.

What are your company’s core values?

Our company’s core value is being customer centric. We put it first to make our customers happy, to feel well-served, valued and see positivity in the product we are building such that it helps them enhance their business and also increase their customers’ database through the value they get.

Another core value is simplicity, in everything we are building simplicity is a major thing to consider for us whether you are tech savvy or not. We want you to be able to use our product. So, as we build, we are heavy on user experience.

Another core value that defines us is a positive spirit and possibility mentality. “I can’t”, “it’s impossible”; they are not the words that define us at Sendchamp, we don’t give up and we ensure we get things done and working.

One last one is curiosity, we are always curious why what is not working and how it can work. This reasoning places us ahead as we never stop learning, we rather fail at trying than sit at not trying.

What problem is your company solving?

Every business sale starts with communication and ends with communication. Therefore, the way you interact with your customers determines whether they will buy or not. Over 60% of customers reach out from different channels that is SMS today, by doing so it becomes a bigger problem for businesses to switch between apps in order to keep in touch with customers. along the line, messages are usually missed and managing them becomes a task. So Sendchamp is solving the pain point of businesses by bringing all the messaging channels both online and offline into one place where businesses can communicate and keep track of their customers.  However, there are core communication infrastructure problems in Africa which we are solving, working with policies and regulations in different countries.

Across the world, data and technology have become one of the most valuable resources. In your view, how do you think Nigeria can benefit from data and technology and what industries do you think will benefit the most?

There is a regular saying that “In God We Trust, and every other thing show me data”, this simply means data is king as it informs us of decisions to make as an individual, organization and a country. Therefore, as a country we have a lot of data which will in turn help in economic reforms, decision making and implementation that will influence growth of the economy in Nigeria.

As an Individual, I have always been a strong and firm believer that technology is an enabler and can help the economy grow as we have seen young millennials build great stuff that have solved recurring problems and the goal of technology is to build a simplified and better future. With the growth rate of technology, innovations and programs, technology will help solve problems in different industries such as finance, insurance, education, communication, retail amongst several others.

What do you think are the barriers to the growth of data and technology in Nigeria? How do you think we can overcome them?

To be honest there are several barriers and there are some infrastructures that needs to be put in place but however, we try to find our ways around it because amidst these barriers several great things are still built. Electricity and Internet are some of several barriers encountered towards building a sustainable growth of data and technology today. One major way we can overcome this is to build great infrastructure that will break such barriers so it can be easier for more innovation to take place.

We know the problems and they are crystal clear, with deliberate actions, programs and initiatives that support innovative thinking from youngsters, entrepreneurs that cut across all sectors these can be solved. I am also of the opinion that these can be solved with more policies guiding and enabling start-ups. For businesses to grow, it is going to be an essential driver to solving these barriers.

Google plans to end third-party cookies by 2023. What are your thoughts on how agencies can be better prepared?

Google is not the first big tech company to end third party cookies support.  Apple did it for safari. Honestly, it’s a tough one but it just means that agencies and marketers will need to restrategise and look into their strategies. They would have to rely on customer centric activities i.e actions carried out by customers on that product instead of tracking their devices.

In summary, we need to go back to the basics or our drawing boards as agencies or marketers to adjust the strategies that are used to interact with these customers.

What are some of the challenges your company is facing?

One major challenge that we are facing is talent. But today, we see a lot of talent coming out of Nigeria coupled with several innovative programs to ensure that we have a good pipeline and build-up of talents. In our own way as well, we are contributing to grooming talent.

Do you believe people have to leave the country to be great in tech?

My thought on this is that you can be great anywhere so far you are a goal getter. I have friends in tech that are doing well in Nigeria and abroad. I also know people that are struggling or barely doing well in tech both in Nigeria and abroad. It solely depends on you owning your crafts and the amount of dedication that you put into it.

Working hard and working smart; being able to balance both also determines whether you will be great at tech or not, the ability to balance both when necessary goes a long way to determine your success. Understanding key principles makes it easier for success to be attained so you just must keep learning and growing.

In what way are you giving back to society?

We believe that just one person growing and being successful doesn’t make any difference.  Having much more successful people will add a lot of value to society.

As I speak, as an organization we are supporting several communities, people joining tech, people in tech and also bringing out initiatives to share knowledge about  the major concepts when it comes to technology.

For businesses, our startup program opens doors for startups to have access to up to $500 credits to be able to communicate with their customers across different channels as they start. There are over 40 million businesses and over 50% of these businesses have a challenge of communication and we are trying to solve one of their major problems at the start which is our mission basically.



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