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How to choose a perfect domain name


In an age where every business maintains a presence in the cyberspace, a distinct digital identity that corresponds with offline activities is more than desirable. It is important, then, that a domain for a business’s website reflects its brand identity in its truest form.

How can you ensure that you have chosen the best domain name for yourself or your businesses? The answer is in this article.

Use a true name
Imagine being called all those nasty nicknames in your high school. One of the reasons you got mad was because you felt the names did not reflect your true personality and, as such, were injurious to your image as an individual.


This is how a domain name that does not reflect the identity of the organisation or individual it belongs to act. It simply does not serve you any purpose. Hence, it is imperative you choose a name that is directly related to you or your business.

Memorability is key
There is no doubting the fact that you will want your domain to be easily identifiable, and closely associated with whatever organisation it represents. Therefore, you must think of a name that is not difficult to remember. A domain name generator can help you in this regard. If you can come up with a domain name that is pronounceable, that will be a big plus.

The shorter the better
Agreed that you want your domain name to be memorable. One of the ways of doing that is to use a short name. You need to run away from long names that will be tedious to remember. The reasons we all remember names like, and is because they are short and monosyllabic. You may want to try something close those. At least, not something like

.com is the best
Extensions are suffixes that appear at the end of web addresses. By far, the oldest and most popular extension is .com, although it can be tough to get it for certain names which may already have been taken. There are other available extensions like .net, .org or .co. However, most people are familiar with .com, so it’s best to stick to that if you.

If your vision is to maintain visibility for your brand within a country, a country-specific extension maybe ideal then.

Name that speaks for itself
Opting for a name that is reflective of the nature of the business or the services it renders can be very advantageous. For instance,  a potential customer can immediately see that is a site about different kinds of snack. Such intuitive name can also aid memorability.


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