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Idoko, Layer3 boss says 30% national data localization not ambitious for growth



Oyaje Idoko, managing director, Layer3, has applauded the National guideline on cloud service which targets 30 per cent data domestication in the next five years.

He lauded the initiative noting that national data be considered as a critical national asset and must be localized within the shores of our country.

“I am confident Nigeria has the required infrastructure and capacity to handle this hence there is no reason why this should be outsourced to foreign companies when there are numerous Nigerian companies with the capacity to do that.


“My only concern is that the set target is not ambitious enough. 30 per cent in 5 years compliance sounds mediocre and will not give the necessary push for compliance. We should set an ambitious and aggressive target of no less than 70 per cent.

Idoko who stated this in a chat with Nigeria CommunicationsWeek also spoke on the level of security cloud services providers put in place which is expected to guarantee confidence of organizations to domicile their data in-country.

“Generally, more needs to be done in the area of security as the existing cyber security laws do not do much to enforce compliance. Besides the banks that have their compliance driven by the CBN, the other sectors, including the telecommunication and IT sectors have no motivation to put the necessary systems in place to ensure very secure environments.

“There must be strict monitoring and enforcement of policies to drive compliance as well as information sharing, especially on breaches and attacks, with all stakeholders including the office of the National Security Adviser.

“As for us as a cloud service provider, we have put the right measures, including a 24/7 security operations center in place to monitor and defend against attacks and place a lot of seriousness on security,” he said.

On efforts by operators to support the growth of small and medium enterprises, Idoko said that cloud service providers provide the platform for SMEs, especially technology start-ups, to quickly and easily launch their products and services without the initial huge capital outlay.

“It also gives them the wide-spread market reach, without borders, placing no restrictions on the markets they can sell to.

“The friendly and flexible subscription models also make it easier for cash-pressed start-ups to afford the service and pay at their convenience.

“Some cloud service providers also act as hubs interconnecting multiple start-ups to each other enabling collaboration and business transactions,” he added.

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