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Ministry plans ICT parks in Ibadan, Katsina




Shittu canvasses support for Zinox, others
TO further fuel the engine of innovation in the country, the Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, has disclosed that the ministry plans to establish two Information Technology Parks in the country.

Shittu, who disclosed this during his tour of Zinox Group facilities in Lagos on Monday, said the two parks would be situated in Ibadan, Oyo state and Kastina, Kastina state.

Shittu disclosed emphatically that ICT been a knowledge economy holds huge potential for the country, especially in the face of dwindling oil revenues.

“ICT is a knowledge economy, which doesn’t fail like oil and even agriculture. ICT is the brain of development. It will continue to bring money into the coffers of government.

“The ICT Parks is expected to fuel innovations. We are looking at making ICT count seriously in this regime. The target is to bring student to the park to learn majorly ICT development.

“We hope that soonest, we shall complete all the modalities to get it done”, Shittu declared.While, canvassing for indigenous ICT firms including Zinox, Shittu said the ministry would give maximum support to local players giving support to the economy.

While acknowledging the minister’s effort, Zinox Chairman, Chief Leo Stan Ekeh, assured him of the industry’s immense support, stressing that the Group has capacity to deliver, whenever it is called upon.According to him, the economy will thrive better if concentration and support can be given to the ICT sector.

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  • Kola Koleola

    If the purpose is to spark innovation why Katsina? Why not Jos, Kaduna or Abuja. How many people go to school in Katsina? What is the pass rate of Katsina in the scheme of education in Nigeria? Another poor judgement of African political class.

    • Obed

      You all are tribal warlords and haters.Nigeria cannot move any inch forward with cunning people like you.That’s why Phd holders are doing menial jobs while uneducated people are big time business people.Injustice,nepotism hypocrisy is the order of the day.The universe is seeing everything and it does not beat people’s imagination as to why things happen the way they do.

      • Kola Koleola

        Can I ask you if you’re really true to the garbage you just spewed? Here you have a minister who is just pandering to his employer the President. His first major project is to site a very cerebral oriented project in areas which just by coincidence is his home town/state and that of the President. I ask you what influenced the Minister’s choice for picking these places out of the other 34 states and Abuja. I am not led by bigotry or tribalism, but I care about my country and about the quality of decisions of our so called people in leadership. Is just common sense, a very scarce commodity in Nigeria right now.

  • adigo

    The minster of communication Adebayo Shittu should not only talk the talk,he should resolve with immediate effect the issue at NITDA So that the people who were employed be allowed to resume work, this individuals are also Nigerian, why give out new appointment letters to another set of people when the ones who were employed since November 2015,don’t have their names on the payroll? Some of this persons had to resign their appointment else where when they got this job with NITDA.

  • komolafe Damilola

    From Caleb University Lagos –

    The world is a global village. ICT has made positive changes in
    the world; most people now majorly depend on ICT for information purposes. In the
    olden days, most people depend on town criers and other means of passing-out information’s.
    In the olden days people depend on newspapers to get information and if you can’t
    afford a newspaper you source for news through friends. ICT aids in news
    gathering, appointment creations and passing out information’s. Most news
    agencies basically makes use of ICT, the government creating a means for
    studying ICT is beneficial to students. Due to the help of ICT’s student makes
    use of different search engines to source out for information’s, journals, gain
    answers to assignment’s. People use ICT for news purposes, most news agencies
    now have their news on different search engines. in this article the government/ the Zinox group is trying to create ICT facility Firms which is of great aids and assistance to citizens in the society.

  • Mukhtari

    The choice of Oyo ( the ministers state) and Katsina ( the presidents state) means this project will not outlive these two people. what a country. Nine new universities were established in 5 years.criteria was fair and simple. states with no existing federal universities. What is Shittus criteria?

  • Okanite

    The Eastern part of Nigeria should also be included after ALL Stan Ekeh comes from the EAST, one these ICT HUBS should be built either in OWERRI or ONITSHA/ NNEWI, we’er also part of NIGERIA, IT CAN’T ONLY BE THE NORTH & WEST, LAGOS OR ABUJA!!!!, THANKS!!!!

  • okwuteise

    Ibadan and Katsina???? . This minister has a devilish mission. Why not Enugu?? Why not Jos??? Why not PortHarcourt???. Why not Warri ???, Why not Asaba or Onitsha???. This is a bad omen for all men of good will. Is this really governance???? There are more questions than answers.

  • Alugijo

    Assuming there are no funds to have this park spread across Nigeria. It should be done in Lagos alone where everyone can have access to it.
    At least nearly all Nigerians have access to Lagos. This Ibadan/Katsina axis is a tribal decision. Muslims have a very mean heart and never forgive. Anyway the Ibos also did same when GEJ was in charge. Nigerians are all the same. Very tribal and clannish.

    • Agaba ntu-ebi Biafra

      The ZOO Mumu is still writing TRASH, he’s obsessed with anything Biafra.
      The ZOO FOOL can’t stop talking about Biafra passport….FILTHY
      OFEMMANU COWARD……LAST WARNING! stop forcing your COWARD self on us,
      you are not eligible to dwell in the same land with the children of
      Chukwuokike………………………USELESS AND WORTHLESS NIGERIAN

  • emmanuel anizoba

    Meaningful Charity, we are told, begins at home. Let our honorable Minster start by automating and networking the Federal Government’s business processes with Intranet and Internet capabilities. The Ministry of Communication would be more beneficial to the Private Sector by providing an enabling environment and level-playing ground for all the ICT stakeholders. Let’s encourage our business people to create more ICT Hubs all over Nigeria. The ease of getting a licence to market ICT products or run an ICT outfit maybe all the needed empowerment. Cheers!

  • Mr. A

    They can also carry it to Sambissa Forest. Na dem sabi. Innoson did not require it to set up his many plants. Such glaring discrimination!!

  • niaja niaja

    Nigerians are really more informed today more than ever! Bad decision on LOCATION minister

  • oakmann

    A clearly wrong decision to cite the two centers in the west and northwest excluding the east. I am however convinced that nothing will come out of the scheme.