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MyAds app can offer Nigerian brands global reach, says Ononobi




Simeon Ononobi is the Founder and President, MyAds Global FZ-LLC. He is a graduate of Biochemistry at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. During his undergraduate days, he started his first company back called Compuversity. He left school and started a project called BUMP (Back Up My Phone), an over-the-air backup system that has a server and mobile application that allows users to back up their phone content.Today, Ononobi has started a global company called MyAds, an application platform that allows brands to reach her targeted consumers. In this interview with ADEYEMI ADEPETUN, he spoke on the opportunities the platform can to the development of Small and Medium scale Enterprises in Nigeria, amidst other germane industry issues.

What is MyAds app all about?
MyAds App is a patented application that allows brands to reach her targeted consumers with little money and great analytical feedback. Now the users/consumers are incentivised, brands get to reach their targets with 101 per cent guaranteed reach. No other form of advertising confirms reach like MyAds App and we target the incoming call screen of mobile phone users.

Can you explain the functionality?
MyAds App is divided into three major categories. They are:
a. Users: These are the app users that get adverts whenever they get calls come into there phones, they also gets points and can use this points to buy anything via the MyAds App. They get incentives like airtime for calling, for data, or taxi via partners like AfroCab, movie tickets via partners like Genesis Deluxe cinemas or Film House cinemas, We also have partners for food like Mr. Biggs and Place restaurants and Genesis restaurants, Pizza from Dominos and lots of partners are signed up everyday.

b. Advertisers: They are brands that send adverts to this mobile phone app having the MyAds App. They get to target demography, sex age group, location and all forms of targeting, including income range. They spend as little as N15 or 0.03USD per impression and 0.001extra for conversations and clicks. We are the cheapest worldwide with direct targeting. We constantly improve our analytics to get brands the best conversation.

c. Partners/Merchants: These are partners that allow us to give value to our users. We have Partners mentioned above, Movie Tickets, Taxi companies, food and beverage companies and all the likes. We are signing up more partners everyday.

Other features are: the App has polls and surveys that brands need, also we have Infotainment for breaking news on all issues (political, entertainment and even business breaking news), also it has voting for TV and online voting and opinion polls.

Who are the target markets for MyAds app?
We are targeting all age groups but specifically targeting 19 to 35 as our major users and 36 to 55 as our secondary users. The App is marjorly for users that want to buy a product or give feedbacks based on requirements to brands.

What is your assessment of the software/apps sub-Sector of Nigeria’s telecoms industry?
The sector is growing with great innovations. MyAds App is a Nigerian dream, and presently we are taking it globally. Presently we have launched in India and now looking at nine African countries and more global countries. Before now it was not even possible to dream that way. So I would say we are growing and would take it there, we just need more support and with the Nigerian hustle we can make the country a great contender amongst the rest of the world.

As a major player in the sector, what is the value of the apps market in Nigeria?
The value is subjective. You need to first know what the features of the app are then you can put a price on it. But trust me Nigerian developers are really making me proud at the moment. We will grow and right now its very high. Gone are the days you pay 10,000 for apps now for a good app you are looking at N1 million to N3 million for great apps produced by Nigerian developers.

What are the challenges confronting apps developers in the country?
Support. We don’t have great support. We truly need very good support and once we get that and more training it will work. Andela is a Nigerian StartUp and they are producing Nigerians that are working for global greats like Google and Microsoft. If we can produce these guys then all we need is support for schools to teach these things and get young coders at early ages.

How can the SMEs’ benefit from the app?
We have a good strategic benefit for SMEs; we actually give them reduced fees on ads they push. We also promote them in many ways. Once they give us a call we will give them packages to promote their businesses.

Security is an issue with every online application, how secure is MyAds app?
The App is very secure, but you can’t really steal anything on the app. With this in mind we have actually implanted a high level of encryption to make this work for different levels of engagement on the App.

Using the platform, what benefits accrue to users?
We pay users for everything they do for the brands. You get as much as N5 minimum for just seeing the ads, then you earn more when you send feedbacks or visit and fill forms on the advertisers website. You get more and more once you fill surveys and give good feedbacks. One person can earn up to N250 from just receiving calls and giving feedbacks. For us it’s a way to help the economy and also give back to the users for using there phones to help brands build better products.

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  • Chukwuka Obeleagu

    Does MyAds app run an affiliate program?