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NIWBQR ranks Smile top in QoS, Globacom for coverage



National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) which measures the quality of customers’ experience in mobile wireless networks in Nigeria, has ranked Smile Communications first in terms of quality of service offered to customers in the month of June along a specific route in Lagos State.

The report commissioned by Enextgen Wireless Ltd, ranked MTN second; Ntel third; Globacom fourth; and E-stream fifth based on its four key performance indicators (KPIs).The ranking was performed by processing Connection Drop rate, Connection Setup failure rate, Throughput and Latency, and assigning figures of merit based on the results.Connection Drop rate carries half of the weight (50%). Connection Setup Failure rate carries 20%, Throughput carries 15% and Latency carries 15%.

According to NIWBQR, Globacom has the best coverage and throughput. It ranked fourth as a result of very high connection setup failure rate, with most of the failures clustered in a particular area along the evaluated route.
Smile is ranked first due to its low connection drop rate and consistent throughput along the evaluated route.MTN does not experience any connection setup failure, however the Connection Drop rate is high.Ntel has relatively low connection setup failure rate (1.8%) but available throughput along the evaluated route is consistently low. Estream has uniformly low throughput and substantial connection failures and drops.

NIWBQR said that “We show a chart of mobility performance defect with the lowest number corresponding to the best performance. This is due to the fact that none of the networks is without substantial performance defect.Our goal is to improve the quality of experience of mobile broadband wireless subscribers by identifying sub-optimal performance based on the quality of RF deployment and helping service providers with solutions”

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