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Phone maker seeks more market share in Nigeria 

By Favour Unukaso
29 September 2021   |   3:05 am
Global smartphone company, Infinix, is hoping to increase its market share in Nigeria with launch of new ZERO X Pro mobile phone.

Global smartphone company, Infinix, is hoping to increase its market share in Nigeria with launch of new ZERO X Pro mobile phone.
The newly unveiled device comes in three colour variants of Nebula Black, Starry Silver and Tuscany Brown, and is equipped with cutting edge camera features that capture visuals outside of the norm, including super moon-mode, night-selfie mode, periscope lens and a powerful hybrid zoom. The device which is considered an affordable luxury has set the stage for a whole new era of smart phone technology. 

The firm explained that an important inspiration behind the design and features of the new Zero X series was derived from human’s desire to do the extraordinary, to strive for the impossible: be it man’s first footsteps on the moon or inventions that solve global issues. The need to see beyond, this is the driving factor that has led to the development of this product. 

Speaking at the launch, Infinix representative, Kevin Olumese, said, “The Zero X series is an amazing addition to the Infinix Family, we are proud of its photography and gaming capabilities. We know every user who purchases the device will be equally amazed.” 

Attendees of the event also had opportunity to gain expert advice from photography experts TY Bello and George Okoro, on how to get into a creative mindset and learn how the ZERO X Pro smartphone enables users to capture impeccable images of nature and  between smartphone cameras and professional imaging. 
“It is quite exciting to see a phone that can capture the moon. You can see beyond and gaze at the stars just like you would with a telescope,”he said.

I’m intrigued to see what infinix is going to do next,” TY Bello said. 

As part of the launch campaign initiatives, Infinix and Royal Observatory Greenwich recently embarked on a corporate partnership to introduce the ZERO X Series to a global audience. During the event, technology KOL, The Tech Chap demonstrated the power of the smartphones’ “Super Moon Mode” by showcasing his experience using the ZERO X Pro’s high-performance camera technology.

The audience were treated with a juxtaposition of a portrait of the moon that was shot through a telescope, and another using the ZERO X Pro smartphone. 

“Technology is all about innovation and pushing boundaries, both in terms of new features and also accessibility with how affordable it is,” said The Tech Chap. “The flagship ZERO X Pro offers a great all-round experience and its impressive camera setup literally, and figuratively, shoots for the moon!”