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Seven things to look out for when buying a computer



Battery Life
The Battery Life is directly or indirectly the first need of any user. If the device’s battery system is of poor quality, then one will face many inevitable problems. Laptop computing is all about mobility, and battery life is perhaps the most crucial consideration when picking a laptop that’s going to be used regularly on the go. As laptops get slimmer and designers pay more attention to making them sleek and compact, more and more systems use integrated non-removable batteries. The very first thing to do as a customer is, first ask about the Laptop’s battery life. So one should check and enquire about maximum support the Laptop’s battery will give, when being used in full capacity. The size and power of a laptop affects how much room there is in the body for a battery (and how quickly it’s drained). It is in your best interest to find that size and weight sweet spot when purchasing a laptop.

Processors and Graphics
The simplest way to explain the processor is that it’s the brain of the machine. If you want a fast computer that boots up programs in a flash, completes tasks as soon as you start them, and doesn’t keep you waiting, then you want the strongest processor available — and who doesn’t? You just have to know what you’re looking at when you see a processor’s details.

The key to selecting processors is in the number of cores and the speed (labelled in GHz or Gigahertz) of the processor. The speed of the chip will tell you how much data it can process in how much time, so the bigger the number, the better. (e.g. a single-core 2GHz processor is a lot slower than a four-core 2GHz processor).
Multiple cores can also help with multi-tasking, as each can be working on different tasks.

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