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SKWSH: New social networking app matching professionals globally


Humans are community-based beings. From the beginning of time, humans have always been close, social, and connected. Most innovations have brought us closer than ever before, i.e., the invention of cars, airplanes to the internet ensures we are one flight, drive, or virtually connected. However, unfortunately, the closer we seem to be, the further the fabric of the community connection weakens when it comes to meeting new people around our community that share the same aspirations, dreams, creativity, and style.

In today’s ever-bustling world, it is hard to meet someone new that drives your energy to new levels. After all, there are many networking and dating applications out there.


“These applications do not consider the one human factor, our need for interaction, the innate need to be seen,” Paul Aikhomu is the Founder/CEO of SKWSH told The Guardian. “We at SKWSH believe that everyone is unique, beautiful, and full of life, and there is no need to hide all this beauty in just an app; we emphasize closeness, real-life interaction, and real dates between matches.”

Aikhomu brings his wealth of experience to bear on the operations of SKWSH, having worked for several tech, automobile and aviation companies in the United Kingdom including the BMW Group.

He has also collaborated in numerous product development and operations. He founded his  London based startup founded in 2019 with focus on transforming social networking by getting people off their phones and connecting in real life in real-time with a mission to make every online date a SKWSH date.

With SKWSH, he seeks to  match individuals, using the magic of algorithms, with others around them who share all the beautiful, quirkiness, fascinating, colourful interests, hobbies, tastes into a real-life date all within 96 hours of matching.

SKWSH is not another networking/dating app like the others that, after finding a match, it creates all types of roadblocks for both parties to agree on a date. The constant scheduling and rescheduling, the over-inflated profile, the non-stop texting, and when you officially decide to meet the dreaded ‘ghosting’ or getting stood up happens. Time is the most expensive commodity in life, and it should not be wasted, SKWSH ensures everyone’s time is taken seriously in a respectful manner.


Recent research studies have shown that 50% of dating app users have only been on one face-to-face date, even though most have hundred of matches. Another study found that 44% of users on dating apps are there for a good old fashioned confidence boost.

The target demographic for SKWSH are professionals in urban areas who prefer the real one-on-one dating experience. After all, online dating means leaving the social app to meet and learn about the other person in real life. SKWSH facilitates the process – matches you with similar people around based on lifestyle preferences, helps you interact with your matches, and then schedules a date once acquaintances have been gained – all within the app.

SKWSH lets you schedule the first date within 96 hours of matching and syncing calendar agendas to suggest times convenient to both parties. Once the most convenient time is decided, SKWSH provides establishments around you based on their dating plans in broad categories (Food, Café, Nightlife, and Other). SKWSH integrates Google Places allowing users to view ratings, reviews, and photos of places prior to deciding. On the day of the date, SKWSH shares your travel time to the venue, ensuring you and your match will both arrive on time.


SKWSH takes user safety very seriously and has integrated a trusted contact feature, whereby on the day of your date, users can share date details with up to three of their trusted contacts or friends or even family for extra safety.

Users can track the distance from the venue as well as your match to avoid any uncertainty of being stood up. Also on arrival at the date location, SKWSH sends a notification to both parties, when noth users are a 100 metres apart, making it easier to locate your date. SKWSH goes beyond the digital world, helping users create face to face encounters at the most comfortable ambient locations on your own time and on your own terms.


SKWSH, a new concept social networking app, guarantees dates within 96 hours by matching users on interests, immediate availability, and distance and going further by suggesting date locations by integrating Google Places and letting both parties know when they’ve arrived at the venue; eliminating ghosting and endless chats without ever meeting in real life.


Key Features
– Set a Date: Matches will be able to set a date after 30 minutes of chatting through the app. The timer will go off and announce either party can send a date proposal. A date proposal consists of a chosen location from our curated lists and syncing availability to cut down on the back-and-forth trying to decide when to go on a date.
– Syncing Agendas: Users will be able to set up their availability in 96 hour periods so that once they match, they know their match is also available to go on a date almost immediately saving time and matching users with people as seriously as they are to meet.
– Distance to Date Location: SKWSH informs users when their date has arrived and/or is on their way to the date eliminating instances of getting stood up.

Pricing and Availability
SKWSH is totally free to download and use and it is currently available on iOS and Android app stores. SKWSH launched on both stores in June 2020.


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