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Smartphone cameras to displace conventional ones, says LG boss


LG Electronics has predicted that smartphone cameras may gradually displace conventional cameras as the emerging way of capturing attractive moments to be cherished forever.

According to the firm, there is no doubt its uniqueness is in the ability to shoot anytime, since smartphones come handy and always available with the owner.

“The beginning of the modern era can arguably be set at the invention of photography.

The ability to preserve an exact moment in time was revolutionary and has changed the way we view ourselves and the world around us in ways inventors could never have imagined. Classic photographs that define historical persons and events have touched us all, something that would never have been possible with other mediums.

In this regards, the General Manger, Mobile Communications, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Steve Seungeui, said, the development of digital photography has proven to be just as important as the invention of the first camera. By allowing users to instantly see pictures and eliminating the hassle of developing film, digital cameras have had an outsized impact on the way we think about photography. Smartphone manufacturers are now developing smartphones with superior camera functions and one of such companies is LG Electronics with its plethora of forward-looking smartphones.

According to him, in the smartphone era, most people have cameras on them at all times. The prevalence of cameras, he said, has been instrumental in the rise of social media and has also helped enhance as well as streamline the spread of information.

“There is an increasing common tendency for people to automatically catalogue their lives. Today’s front-facing cameras can capture images in higher resolution than the back-facing cameras of phones from previous generation. For example, the LG G5’s 8MP front-facing camera is many times more powerful than what was available on the G2 just three years ago.”
The G5 from LG Electronics is a masterpiece perfectly equipped with technology to capture lovely moments that will far outlive the moment. With its 360 degree camera that captures image from virtually all angles makes it possible to have a clear view of interesting moments.\

The era of social media, has taken over the digital space with life feel events from all works of life,” he added,

“The only thing we know for certain is that smartphone photography will continue to grow and that LG will work to ensure that its product meet demands of consumers well into the future.

Interestingly, G5 can perform at optimal level interacting with lots of devices such as LG Cam plus; LG Hi-Fi plus with B&O play, LG tone platinum, LG Cam 360, LG 360 VR, LG Rolling Bot, LG action Cam which is made possible through the LG friend manager.

“However, the attractiveness of smartphone cameras can be ascribed to the consumer’s inclination for mobile devices with cameras over cameras with smart operational capabilities. This has no doubt altered the purpose of smartphone camera from simple photograph to a universal technological level. Smartphone cameras have become the eyes of modern technology, as the platform continues to evolve consumers will find more uses for smartphone cameras than we possibly can imagine.”

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