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All you need to know about Facebook’s algorithm


(FILES) This file illustration picture taken on April 28, 2018 shows the logo of social network Facebook displayed on a screen and reflected on a tablet in Paris. / AFP PHOTO / Lionel BONAVENTURE

Facebook’s adjusts its algorithm every now and then, which makes it difficult to understand. Some of the adjustments Facebook doesn’t even communicate. However, some conclusions can be made regarding the Facebook algorithm. If you want to get the best possible effect from your presence on Facebook, then it is important to think about one extra time what and how you publish information on Facebook. With companies like Nairabet mobile, who really understands the new marketing landscape, it is time to get on your toes if you want to keep up!

When Facebook launched in February 2004, the algorithm was quite simple. Posts were divided into different values, for example, a post with text could be worth 1, while a post with a picture and link could be worth 2. When the value of the post was multiplied by the number of people who interacted with the generated Facebook a ranking system that determined in which order the posts would appear.

At the end of Facebook’s first year, they already had 1 million users. Since then, the platform has grown steadily globally and today the figure has grown to 2.2 billion active members. As Facebook has become larger and larger, they have constantly had to find new solutions that are beneficial for both users and advertisers. One of the solutions was the algorithm EdgeRank which was based on the interaction and the relationship between users and between users and a certain type of post. As the platform continued to grow, Facebook needed a more complex solution on what to show.

Facebook’s new algorithm
Therefore, in 2011, an algorithm based on machine learning was implemented – and it is the one who today dictates what is shown on our Facebook. Unlike the previous algorithm EdgeRank, your preferences as a user are an added factor. Facebook’s algorithm knows what your interests are, which people you like best and if you are a person who likes to watch videos or pictures. If you never interact with videos in your stream, the algorithm will take that information in for a while and show less of that product for you ahead.

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook announced that they will prioritize posts from friends and acquaintances before companies post. So how did it actually affect business pages? New figures show that the organic range is between 2–4 per cent and the commitment to the contributions has dropped by 50 per cent. Globally, the engagement rate is around 0.2 per cent (based on all industries). This is huge numbers and if you don’t understand how Facebook is promoting businesses you will be gone in a second from social media. When Facebook changed the algorithm in 2018 it was clear that some companies adapted quickly to the new marketing landscape. Many of them were digital companies and online betting sites. With companies like Astro Media Group, having a very nice Facebook operation, it is clear that companies need to spend more time on their social media strategy. Good Facebook presence is common among digital online companies, but many of the old school companies are struggling. If you want to meet the algorithm and have a good Facebook business, then it is good to keep track of what Facebook prioritizes!

This is what the Facebook algorithm prioritizes
Studies have shown that the Facebook algorithm prioritizes in a certain way when favouring posts and information. This is nice to know if you want to boost your own presence on Facebook, but it is crucial to know if you run a business and is hoping to get some customers using Facebook.

    * Posts widely shared over Messenger.
    * Posts that have many reactions or comments.
    * “Significant Interactions” on posts users in between.
    * Number of shares.
    * Many responses to comments, such as users tagging a friend who responded.

As a company, you have to work harder with high quality and engaging content for your target audience. Content is king, as you know. Also, it’s time to start (if you haven’t already) consider adding budget behind the messages you want to reach out with, to ensure that you actually reach a relevant audience.

Tips for greater organic reach
Ok, so now when you know what the algorithm prioritizes, what then? Then you need to create information that engages our audience and we have some simple tricks to do so. We think a good starting position is to think about what engaged you and build on that. There are also companies, that support their customers with creating quality content to be used on various platforms, including Facebook.

    * Ask questions to your followers and create nice discussions.
    * Go live! Facebook prioritizes “super users”, being companies that use all the functions that the platform offers.
    * Keep track of what times your followers are active and post then.
    * Make sure you have high quality materials. Quality before quantity.
    • * Consider running contests sometimes. Posts with contests can usually create great commitment. Some new

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    have been very successful in generating traffic by organizing contests on Facebook.
    * Try to work against engagement bait, i.e. not post spammy posts with many and irrelevant hashtags and emojis. Hashtags on Instagram and Facebook can be a good entry to reach more followers but try to stick to 2–6. Remember that they are also relevant to the post. Also note, that on Facebook, hashtags are accepted, but looks less attractive. In addition, they are not used as keywords in the same way as on Instagram.
    * Avoid linking out from Facebook too often, Facebook does not like when their users click away from their own platform (unless it is a paid ad). If you still want to link from Facebook, it is especially important not to put the link in the text – that is a big no-no from Facebook. Instead, make a link where the linked page is previewed.
    • * Be clear on what your brand and site is all about. Facebook loves to understand what you do and one easy way of doing that is to choose a top level domain within your area. The online comparison site


    is a very good example of a site using a top level domain (in this case .casino) telling Facebook very clearly what it is all about.

Digital marketing and marketing in social media are very different from “traditional” types of marketing. Without truly understanding all the aspects of the platforms you advertise on you will miss great chances of reaching a relevant audience. Regardless of if you want to boost your own persona, your company or any other item that you want people to read about or buy. It is not certain that platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter explains the details of how to optimize visibility, but with some research and easy trial and error you will find that certain things will get your posts promoted by the algorithms uses.
Therefore, the starting point should always be to have a social media strategy and research what you need to do, both in terms of content, ads and other promotions, to get a head start when launching your social media presence. With this article, explaining a bit more on the Facebook algorithm, we hope that you can find some easy ways to increase your exposure on Facebook!

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