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Sell iTunes Gift Card – Amazon, Steam For Naira On IGCTrader

Are you wondering how to safely sell iTunes gift card for Naira? It isn’t surprising. There are over hundred Nigerians in your shoe, looking for a trusted platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria. But we have an answer, it is You see, selling gift card for naira as a practice has steadily increased…

Are you wondering how to safely sell iTunes gift card for Naira? It isn’t surprising. There are over hundred Nigerians in your shoe, looking for a trusted platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria. But we have an answer, it is

You see, selling gift card for naira as a practice has steadily increased within the past few years. While the business is booming for legit traders, some crooks have found a way to take advantage of the windfall. Hence, you’re always at risk every time you try to exchange gift card.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are legitimate sites sell iTunes card and other gift cards for Naira without any stress.

The one trustworthy online exchange for iTunes gift card we will recommend in this article is is

Before we delve into the details of why Igctrader is the perfect site to convert itunes card to naira, let’s start with an introduction.

Igctrader is a prominent online exchange for iTunes gift card in Nigeria. But, the business is not limited to iTunes card alone, you can also sell  Amazon gift card, sell Google Play gift card, sell Walmart card gift card, sell sephora gift card, sell target gift card, sell vanilla gift card, sell jcpenny gift card, sell bestbuy gift card etc.

Now, you’re wondering why you should sell your gift card on this platform. But the real questions is, why shouldn’t you?

Hundreds of unsuspecting folks lose their hard-earned gift cards to scammers on social media. It’s simple really; the fraudster receives the code and redeems it. On the other hand, you’ll be left with your hands on your head. With Igctrader, you can avoid all these stress, and this is how.

Why You Should Sell iTunes Gift Card for Naira on Igctrader

We both know that the smartest way to sell your unwanted gift card is to find a well-known, legitimate and reliable iTunes gift card buyer in nigeria. Guess what? Nothing screams “Legitimate” more than Igctrader.

Here are some reasons to consider this exchange platform.

1. Reliable Platform

Igctrader may be the most reliable gift card exchange platform in Nigeria. That’s because the team behind the platform understands the nature of the business; trust. As such, there are different mechanisms in place to inspire confidence among their customers.

However, if you’re still in doubt, you may request for an escrow service. Yes, you can have a third party keep your fund safe until the transaction process is complete. But o ye of little faith, you’ll soon find out it’s unnecessary.  The feedbacks from Igctrader customers on Facebook, Nairaland threads, and other social media platforms should convince you.

2. Great Rate

Igctrader offers one of the best rates in the market. Sounds like an exaggeration, doesn’t it? Since you’re dealing with direct loaders, you would be getting a better rate than selling to intermediaries. That’s right; there are no greedy middlemen to claim a hefty commission. So the question of how much is $100 itunes gift card to naira on igctrader shouldn’t bother you.

3. Prompt Response

With Igctrader, you’ll enjoy the quick response. Not only are the sales agents always online to attend to your needs, but you can also conduct all your transactions on a familiar platform. By performing all your transactions on WhatsApp, you’ll enjoy a natural interaction as well as a faster transaction.

4. Flexible Payment

Aside from the fast transaction, the other thing to look forward is a flexible payment. Igctrader offers various payment options to sellers. Not only can you sell your iTunes card for Naira, but you’ll be able to exchange gift cards for bitcoin or for other gift cards and cryptocurrencies.

5. Forms Of Gift Cards

Unlike other gift card exchange platforms, Igctrader has no restriction on the forms, brand, or denomination of gift card it accepts. Whether you have a $25 Amazon card or a $250 iTunes card, you can still unlock the value on this platform. You can also sell $200 single iTunes gift card big denomination. Also, Igctrader accepts both ecodes and physical form of gift cards.


How to Sell Amazon Gift Cards To Cash on Igctrader

Trading iTunes gift card, to exchange amazon gift card and other gift cards on Igctrader is pretty straightforward. To make it even easier to understand, we have divided it into three fundamental steps.

Firstly, visit the website or contact them on Whatsapp at (09074368461).

1. Acknowledge the Gift Card Rate

The first step to take when you visit the site is to check the value you’ll get for your gift card. You can also ask the sales agent on Whatsapp (09074368461). As said earlier, a prompt response is guaranteed.

2. Upload the Card

After confirming the rate, the next step is to send the gift card. Depending on the form of the gift card, you may have to send the picture if it’s physical card or send the code is it’s ecode.

3. Wait For Verification And Payment

Here is the best part of exchanging gift card for Naira; getting paid. After sending your card and account details, you just have to wait for five minutes or less to receive the payment alert. Yes, it’s that simple.


Selling Gift Cards In Nigeria On IGCTrader – Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Do not send gift cards that has already been redeemed
  2. IGCTrader does not buy Mexican itunes gift cards
  3. You can sell amazon gift card, sell steam gift card, google play gift card and other popular gift card brands.
  4. Exchanging iTunes gift card for naira and other gift cards does not take more than 5 minutes.
  5. Make sure the gift card has been activated before sending.



Selling iTunes gift card  and other gift cards to Igctrader guarantees three things;  a great rate, a reliable service, and an fast transaction. As a bonus, you’ll save yourself the extra cost of buying a Paracetamol tablet.

Are you looking for a trusted site to exchange iTunes for Naira?

Contact Igctrader today;


Call: 09074368461

WhatsApp: 09074368461


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